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  1. Did some mods for next weekend. Either running out from salmon river to sandy hit the 150 line day 1 or oswego. I can run my 2 mag dipsys down the center and going to try walleye boards with smaller dipsy out to side. If not send dipsy out on 2.75 back to were I see fish.


  2. I'm just mulling over the speed issue....not sure what size motor you have but that speed sounds awfully high for your slowest speed. I know my 135 Optimax gets down to 1.8 at 540 RPM's even with the high performance SS prop. (idle adjustment or prop change needed?)

    its a 250 proxs with 26 p 3 blade or 26p 4 blade, different boats mine runs 74mph lol
  3. I here ya dealing with what I have. Going slower not a problem I can just put another bag out thinking off getting a tx44 board to open my spread up some and running the dinner plate dipsy down the middle and the regular size Dipsey 300 back on a board and driver side on 2 setting 350 back depending where fish are.

  4. I run outside right at 3 and the other 2 at 0. Yes I do 101 36 volt problem is head turns when on constant. Have to find a way to pin the peddle so it runs straight. Then I can get down to 2.1 range if I run meat. I run 1 bag up wind 2.3 to 2.6. Mags the same ×3 or less?

  5. Came up in fall with hopes of catching a fish trolling. Hit 50 ft mark first light graphed 0 went out to 90 same hit 120 saw bait trolled dipseys and flashers and spoons. Had one quick realese then blank screen. Headed out to 150 and saw fish at q100 to 125 ft didn't know how to get down that far. Talked to a captain said to × 3 so I did with 30# power pro 300 ft back at 2.6 to 2.9 mph had a runner after first hr pulled hook had another couldn't get it in the net broke off. Question is at 100 ft down same setup with mag dipsys how far back and should I be slower? Want to come out again and try to get a fish. Probably go to oswego and run out but if fish are 150 plus down I want to be ready. Thanks I am limited to calm days 3 ft or less. And have to run bags I idle at 3.5 mph.


  6. I fish the lake two three times a year I have no down riggers,ran dipsys Last year had fish located 100 ft down in 175 ft of water so I was running them back on 40# braid 300 ft if I didn't pay attention I would wrap up. Figure if I can run two on boards one down the middle I'll be fine.

  7. Hi new to the site since Sept just been sitting back learning what I can. Used to fish the lake with my uncle when I was younger. Been playing the bass scene since 91. Came out off the salmon river this Sept with my bass boat rigged up a 2x6 bought some stuff and a way I went. Saw the first group of fish after trolling and cursing trying to go straight with a drift sock off the front cleat. Got my three rods out and just kept going Ng out until I hit 150 ft and saw bait and fish 100 ft down but the chart only went down to 70 ft for my dipsy so day 1 was a bust. Day two had some info ran out where I left off. Not a mark well figured I did it backwards so pointed towards the bank. I came across a ledge that came straight up from 148 to 135 saw fish and bait. Made my big turn with 300 ft of line hanging off the back. Then my middle rod started screaming!! Unbelievable how much line it took I couldn't get the rod out of the holder had to put the boat in neutral.with the bass fishing mentality I set the hook like I was flipping trees,well there is a fish with flasher and fly.. Fished the rest of the day in the same area had a bunch of quick release hits but was hooked again. I have to do some modifications to my setup have a bunch of ideas hopefully get to try next summer. Happy new year to all. Phil


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