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  1. Ya true! I run a 21 ft ranger bass boat I'm good to 3 ft then I don't want to be out there. Thought the same, want and need are 2 different things. Yes I'm limited to when I can go. Weekends or vacation days. So when I can go I don't want to be sitting on the dock, that sucks!! If I had the bigger boat it would come down to don't care I'm going! Like the forecast for sat 15 North east I wouldn't be trying to figure out if I'm going or not.

  2. 3 minutes ago, gleicha said:

    I can only get out on Sundays and have only been out 3 times because of wind. Windfinder app is great and very accurate.

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    That's what I use or sailflow both accurate and both different.. Same with noaa.and acuwheather

  3. Uni troll 6 questions..

    Have 2 hand crankers one has been hanging up. Dry!! I took the handle off and 3 plates were stuck together. Greese turned into hard white cement. Soaked them for a while got them apart and cleaned up pretty well. Do I greese everything?? Figured middle ceramic  is the breaks. Sprayed some white lithium in the tube for the handle. 

  4. Ofmanyone thank you! Ifishy I'm trying to get rid if the whole thing. As it sits its about 5 ft off the ground at the door the poles that are with it can come up another maybe 6 in. Or you can change out poles with longer galvanized and use as a dock. Think set long ways could be 40 ft long. 



  5. I'm in your boat lol. I was looking for a walleye boat and sell the bass boat but when you look at demo 621 I'm up in the 50k plus then you have to set it up for salmon, another couple grand. I can get into a loaded lake boat for 10 to 15 k. I would still have have the ranger for bass tournaments, chasing stripers, and Lakers on lake George. Then on good weekends I can run to the big lake.

  6. If you have a sears. I run the platinum 31 series for starting battery. I run 4 graphs, two 4 pump live wells and start a 250hp outboard and have had it in for 5 yrs no problem. Trolling motor you can get a way with a wallmart 29 series. Or interstates a 24 series for starter and 29 for trolling motor.

  7. Ya its a pain with just me and my sister. But I get it done. Netted 26 kings last summer out of it. But sat on the bank quite a few times. They say light and variable and there is 6 ft rollers.

  8. I ran a z520 last year unbolted the back fishing seat ran a 2x6 had two 4ft arm cannons and 3 extra rod holders. Was able to run 2 riggers and two dipsey rods no problem. Ran 2 36" bags to keep me under 2.8 mph flat days ran the 101 with a 5 rods one on a planer board. Had to play the wind could do it up to 3 to 4 ftrs when it was bumpy I ran just 3 dipsys two down the sides one on a 3 setting. Your boat is built for the rough stuff. Go fish.


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