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  1. Location : is the boat located at Keuka
  2. I can honestly say I caught a lot of fish last year from the 23 to labor day. So the reports don't scare me.
  3. I will be out of catfish creek also , if I see you on the site I will fill you in on how I'm doing and what I'm using.
  4. I'm coming up from pa. The 19th also, till Sept 5th, fishing Mexico area. They showed up last year that time, hope this year just as good.
  5. Thank you, I will be up fishing, August 19 for a week and a half. Will call you when I am up there to look at it if you still have it.
  6. Boat looks like you put a ton of work in it, what is the beam on it
  7. Really would like to know about this boat
  8. I am in the same situation as you , fished on lake ontario for alot of years then life happened, house n job. Just got back into a couple of years ago and I thought the the same thing you are, we caught more fish back in the day. I'm catching fish, but not the numbers.
  9. Catfish creek , right down the road, you can stay there and its just east of the power plant, and the guys will tell you what they are catching them on
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