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  1. How's the fishing today? Will be getting up there tonight and fishing the weekend?
  2. If you have a GPS, get your speed off of that 2mph. Is what you want.
  3. Fishing has been slow around Mexico, but it could all change overnight, and you can't fight a big silver from your couch! Good luck!
  4. Why does the big motor say evenrude xp 200 on it if it is a Suzuki 175?
  5. Congratulations, can't believe it took this long.
  6. Good luck buddy, I wanted to look at it over the weekend but he never called or texted me.
  7. They are picking up some kings here and there , spoons , something green .
  8. Crestliner For some reason I can't get your message, text me at 610 334 8070
  9. I will be in Oswego area, next Thursday thru Sunday.
  10. Smithwick was and thunderstick jr. We're hot lures for me last year, goby Color
  11. If you do go with catfish creek I will be staying there and do my best to help you out.
  12. Where do you wanna fish at ? I fish Mexico bay area, and weather permitting do well.
  13. Will be up there 8th till the 17th, hope we have good weather.
  14. I have the itch so bad to fish and this doesn't help, nice fish!
  15. Text me your address, I will send you a check. 610 334 8070
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