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  1. Hey Beef, I am of the belief in first come first serve. If you were trolling on a line and a boat comes up behind you it is up to them to go around you. Like if I was in a tree stand hunting and someone comes walking up and tells me this is his spot and I need to move I wouldn't budge. Same principal here applies. Some people think they own everything. I say **** em! Laugh at em and keep fishing. You spend money just like everyone else to fish there. Just stay out of my way.. lol JK. Good Luck out there!
  2. Hopefully updates come on here for sure... I don't use FB. Thanks Dog!
  3. Hi A-tom-mik, Is this open to all? We fish out of Fair Haven and see you guys all the time out there. We would like to maybe get in on a tourney with the big dogs. Thanks-
  4. Sounds good I will look for your updates.. and 4 is better than none
  5. 4 is not bad joe compared to what I was hearing over the radio.. we landed 2 fish Sat. morning. We will be up for the long weekend coming up. If you go to Mexico please let us know how the bite is..
  6. BTW nice fish.! Didn't mean to directly reply to ur post but I am still trying to figure out this phone app on new phone.. Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. Just got two on the meat 85 down in 125 fow.. Good luck all Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. lol I told the boss I was going out with a Capt. that knows what he's doing so she said ok..
  9. Thanks for all of the updates fellas! Saved me a long trip for nothing. I'll try again next weekend.
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