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  1. Thanks for the tip. PBR’s helped. It was a long boring troll. No action. Good luck everybody.
  2. I have not been out in a couple weeks. I hear it’s been slow. Could be my last trip of the year. If anyone has any recommendations I’m all ears. Thanks. Great season!
  3. Went out of ibay. Started deep and came in. Went from 300-100 ft. Fish were pretty active. Beautiful night. Down 80-90 ft
  4. Thanks boys. Makes total sense. Dragged a few worms tonight and got a couple. It was great. Looking to jig Tomrw try worms at the end of the night again. Appreciate the reply!
  5. Heading to chip bay area. Gonna do some trolling (like I do on lake O) instead of down fishing all day. I could use some simple tips for walleye trolling on SLR for walleye. In the channel I see lots of guys jigging etc. if I troll along those shelves is it planer boards and stick baits? And how deep should I target. Also I do have my downriggers. I know It’s an uneven bottom on the river but do people run them in the channel? Effective? Dipseys? any direction would be awesome. Thanks In advance!!
  6. Went down with my son and brother to pull the boat. Heading to the 1000 islands for a week to bass fish. Then we noticed a south wind, thought we would go laker hunting for 1 hour. Hooked a monster in 15 minutes. Never works this good.
  7. Let us how you do. I on the fence for am. I have a nice bunch of beers and a yankee game. Or I behave and hit the lake early. Your report will help my decision. No pressure. 😳
  8. I had the same issue last night. It was as bad as I’ve ever seen it for sure. I run 20lb and it’s usually not bad.
  9. What a beast! Great job. I was out last night. That east wind came in and seem to shut things down for me.
  10. That’s awesome. What a fish! I have never fished that lake.
  11. Had a fun night. 11 for 14. Lots of action in the 220-240 range trolling west. Took your advice straight out of the Genny. Consistent action all night. NBK continues to be the best spoon on the boat. We got mostly skippers, a nice steelhead which we lost close to the boat when it jumped and shook the lure. And a mature king. Took the big king on a purple spoon down 70 ft. Put up a huge fight. It was spent and did not look like it was to survive. So we put it in the cooler and gave it to a nice guy on the pier when we came back in. He was loving life. My son brought a friend that has never been on lake O, he couldn’t believe it. Had the time of his life. Fishing seems to be solid. Thanks again for the info.
  12. Good trip! Heading out in a couple hours. Thanks for the update. Did you head west or go east out of the Genny? Thanks again.
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