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  1. Headed out of the Genny went west. Hit 180 feet, 80 feet down good temps. Stayed in that water the entire time. One hour. Six bites. One mature king, one steelhead (hit my dipsey on the way down) lost two nice hits, and a couple skippers. Then the storm started to show her ugly face. I picked up and ran as fast as I could 6 miles back to Genny. It was a scene. Rain hit hard, it became laughable eventually. Worth every second. Glad I went. The fishing is remarkable. NBK took all the mature hits.
  2. Nice fish. Thanks. Headed out Sunday can’t wait.
  3. I’ve been out in front of braddocks (and a little west) the last two nights. Same depth and temps. 45 degrees was best for us. 80ft down over 150ft ish. It’s a slaughter right now. Go get em! I’ve been solo the last two nights out there.
  4. Ok! A positive fishing report w big kings. I needed that. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Journeyed out in the fog this am for a short trip with my brother his girlfriend and her son. The little guy was super excited to be in the boat and sat next to the downrigger pole most of the trip. With his hands on the pole. We only had a couple hours so I could feel the pressure. I’ve never prayed for a laker, but I was this morning. Sure enough a dipsy finally popped off and the laker battle began. I should mention that the biggest fish this boy has ever caught was a “sunny” so when he saw the fish 10 feet from the transom he was losing his mind. We landed it, thank god and he was as pumped as a little person could possibly be. It was a nice laker, and the entire experience made me remember the times when my dad brought my brothers and I trolling and what that meant to us. I forgot how satisfying it is to put kids on the boat in Lake Ontario when trolling for these fish. I know it made his day, but he made my more than he knows.
  6. My brother and I headed out to 250ft, 46 degree surface temps. Started Trolling north and eventually turned and trolled back to the Genny. Best water was 150 ft 50–60 down. Best spoon was the DW yellow Leopard D. we lost three. Got 5 or 6 shakers. And landed three mature kings. The biggest was over 23lbs and took a run on the wire dipsey for the ages. It’s was awesome. Special thanks to Bill for this trip. You’re the man.
  7. I agree. Why is that? I couldn’t get a king in the boat early last couple years. It’s great
  8. Thanks. I was out 15-30 feet. No kings. Browns and one nice hog laker. I should of slid out deeper.
  9. West side of the Genny right now. Steady pick of browns and kings. My tackle is to light. I keep losing these kings at the boat bc I’m solo. This chinook diver is on fire. I love this thing.
  10. Fantastic nice work. Weather forecast blows this weekend.
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