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  1. You bet. Good luck hunting. Well I went out deep. 2 for 4. Beautiful night. It’s going to depressing pulling the boat next week.
  2. I haven’t been out in a few weeks. Any updates? Should I head offshore or Stay inside? Today looks nice to get out for a final run Thanks to all this year. Great year.
  3. Great trip on Saturday thanks again Rick. Can’t wait to see the new boat in action.
  4. I have a closer relationship to your food plot than my own lawn. Totally jealous. Looks awesome.
  5. Genny I started in 200 ft this am at first light. . Then picked up after 35 min of blank screens and no hits. Got out to 550fr and trolled in. Couple kings no good size. Pretty slow compared to earlier this week for me.
  6. East wind and you caught fish. That’s a win. Nice post. Thx
  7. We split a six pack in the garage. We never win. Makes it much easier.
  8. Got out of the Genny early headed north east. set up in 150 trolled out to 550. Went 1 for 3. slow going. The break was about 90-100 ft down. Ran meat and spoons. I was curious to see how other ppl did. I saw a bunch of boats out. We marked some fish and bait but nothing crazy. An odd thing happened, the king we landed was hooked deep in the mouth. Partially in the tongue. My brother noticed the blood was pouring out before we landed it. Decent fish too. It started really strong and fizzled at the end. I actually grabbed it with my hand to get it in the boat. We got it going and it did swim away but I have no idea how after how much blood leaked out. Those kings are strong.
  9. It looks calm but It did pick up. Coming in was def choppy. I could only troll with the wind in my boat
  10. South wind. Got out about 7am to 200 ft in front of ibay. We set up with spoons and meat. It was a steady morning. We lost 2 matures and landed one22lb king on a mag dipsey meat rig out 230 on a 1 setting. We went 2-8 (ugh) but when I looked down and noticed I was in 536 ft of water roughly 11 miles out I thought it’s time to pick up. I have not been that far out before but it was a nice day and other boats were around. The south wind pushed us out for a relaxing troll which was nice.
  11. That’s awesome! Incredibly I did to this am. Outside of I bay. 24.4lbs So pumped. I was solo. Can’t believe it made it in the boat.
  12. It looks like a low west wind in the am Monday morning. The last couple days have been gusting pretty good. Do you think it will be a go in the am or still to rough?
  13. 530pm to 8pm. 80ft -150ft. Went one for five. All mid size kings. Nice night. NBKs down 75-100 Ft. Marked fish from 50 to 100 calm night. cooper took a hit downrigger 3x dipsey took rip. Will be back out this weekend.
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