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  1. Bow mount trolling motor for trolling is definitely an option. Battery supply power wether agm lead acid or lifepo the systems will definitely supply enough power for a days use. Dedicated lifepo systems could last multiple days theoretically depending on the batteries ah ratings. Higher ah rating means more available power. Bow mount trolling offers wireless remote operation and also contour trolling and goto spot trolling.
  2. Generally speaking yes. You will definitely need the assistance of a trolling sock/ driftsock to dial in those speeds. Most great lakes trollers do not want to put the extra hours on their main motor so most opt for a small kicker. You didn't mention what type/size boat you have. There could be other options such as electric trolling motor bow mount.
  3. Check out Bill Saiff outdoors. He gives daily fishing reports for the Eastern basin. https://fb.watch/f5T7NnyGnH/
  4. So being new to the Lk O trolling scene. What advantages/ disadvantages to using Chinook divers vs dipsey divers. Does one out perform the other and what if any seasonal differences might either offer.
  5. It doesn't cost anything to ask. Im glad I did thanks for the input
  6. Wanted some feed back using these. If anyone has or is still using these as part of their trolling setup. I would like to try using these at back of boat in lou of using downriggers. I have a 17.5' v and just wondering if they could be used effectively for water less than 100'. Any and all feedback appreciated. Thanks
  7. Just wanted to give an update and thanks again. I did repower my boat. I was very fortunate or should I say extremely fortunate to find a new motor. Supply and distribution as well as new motors getting bought up last year have made new outboards very scarce. I went with a 115hp mercury 4 stroke. I must say im extremely happy so far with its performance. I just have to swap out to a different prop because im well under the rev limit with my 18p ss. The ease of maintenance on the new ones is definite plus.
  8. Not knowing your boat size. 2 considerations if your are only going to fish open water/deep water. I would go with garmin uhd cv series that your budget will allow. If you are doing a lot of shallow fishing as well I would lean towards Lowrance Ti2 or hds again in the model your budget will handle. Just remember there are transducer options on all of those units as well. Besides the great information you'll get here from people actually using these products don't hesitate to reach out to the companies as well to help steer your decision. Hopefully this points you in a good direction.
  9. Thanks for all of your input much appreciated. After much consideration I have decided to repower. I was very lucky to be able to find a motor. Covid19 has handed dealers a huge blow trying to secure outboards for customers and boat sales. So a new 4 stroke Merc it is. It basically all boiled down to a 5 yr mfg.Warranty and Some peace of mind.
  10. Do they offer a warranty on the remanufactured powerhead.
  11. Well got the worst of news today. Major scoring on #3 cylinder plus all three gas pumps need to be replaced. So at the rebuild or repower cross road. I know where my head is. So rebuild with pumps is looking like $5400. Repower is $9000-10000. So with that being said any opinions? The boat is a 2003 aluminum fish and ski in vg condition other wise. Any opinions on Merc vs Yamaha? 90-115hp range. I bought this rig a couple of years ago.Any and all options/opinions are appreciated.
  12. Was looking at buying Okuma MAGDA counter reels. I dont fish the big waters very often and my trolling days/time on the water would be minimal per say. Is/has any members been using these? Price wise and features seem to be in my wheelhouse to keep me out of the doghouse. If not any suggestions on others of similar value. I would be purchasing a couple different sizes to match species. I'm starting from the gound up so i would be buying multiple outfits. I would be targeting trout and walleye mostly. Dont have a downrigger set up yet either. Also rods. Thanks in advance for any info!
  13. Also the mouths of the creeks just after a warm rain can be dynamite also
  14. The specific areas im referring to are along the south shore are from Fairbanks pt. West to just around the Webster area. You have to move in and out to follow the contours of the preferred depth for the conditions. Most fishermen prefer the days when the shore has whats called green water which means stained but not really dirty or muddy. With that said if the shore does get dirty success can be had by fishing the edge of the where it turns clean if available. Clean water won't mean you can't catch it just means it will be harder or the fish move a little deeper. Areas of shoreline with cobbled rock mixed tend to be bonus areas. Cool thing is you never know what your going to catch that time of year. Always take a few chinook or Lakers bonus fish as well. Also i dont know where you are located but the high rock area near Henderson is also another very good early spring shallow Brown trout area.
  15. April and May would be your best shot at targeting those shallow brown trout and other species as well. I cant say that im an expert kayaker. If you are already fishing from a kayak than im sure you understand some of the limitations. With that said weather would definitely effect your ability to troll the shallows properly. Imo you would do well with a two rod setup. Trolling with spoons or hard baits. Key depths are very shallow that time of year anywhere from 4 to 20' The key trolling speed is anywhere from 1.8 to 2.5 mph. So if you can maintain those speeds consistently you should have no problem getting fish to bite. The south shore in the spring can be dynamite especially if the wind's cooperate for you.
  16. Don't forget about the Sodus Point buckeye w/gold back. That spoon is always a killer in the spring especially in dirty or milky water.
  17. http://lm.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.BillSaiffOutdoors.com%2F&h=eAQEPsiEd&enc=AZOKZl7WS5iNzfX5zieNPKG8bdBGxaLHU3-_SKbVyITejp6u1nQ7DMNjx-DhNi-tsk8Z511OJkTHIvoKTLReMI9iNXLLDy6JxM4L-9N9vYgNWYXLi3rKhHogUk7adFGbKDH4MPJ_STiOLj-bnuyuP9Kq1D31_quVSgVMI2jl-E7v_LUm8XzSdPYaPF7dKTIWk7n0-or0_kvAw4hUY3GS8dcf96hDpOs_vpjTPUPaMyBkfjglRt5MKuWXOJPrEgf3NZL_x_i3kZd5FYiI26d5lcgCuwxeqqvUyh_hw5TNGaPu-R8lgW2d-hPi3d3tpvYw7TTuj3YvdxDAETI20TC5lsgu66jJ0lSS2hb07EZrTGJPsDxwT0iM7jNQMEaCQqP5wxw_cEEtNTBujBN9O2eBD06Iv5dXy4K413QN4DAYLpj01kba6hQSOb06dC-jgoNOD6t4CpT5WeU3Q7YO91fWws_s2tdolIZnVl1uu-h9laMWDg&s=1 Sent from my Lenovo YT3-850F using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  18. Fish with the Saiff team the best fleet on the big OSent from my Lenovo YT3-850F using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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