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  1. Hey, I'm still learning. Didn't realize castable was bad for trolling leader. Then again, some recommend #15 fluoro in other trolling applications. Aaahhh, I catch on one day....lol. Maybe I just sit tight keep my mouth shut
  2. Yeah I already have10# seaguar for trolling. I'm getting 14# suffix castable for bass fishing crank,spinners, and 1 oz swimbaits. I mentioned it because they were discussing UV rays and I just happened to see it on a tackle site
  3. And who is bought and sold like a prostitue ? Politicians. Let's face facts. No mater what side of the aisle your on, no matter who or what people represent, more than 70% of ALL Americans agree the country is going in the wrong direction. So electing another politician is going to get real change ? I don't think so. Do what you always do and you get what you always got. America has spoken and its time to move on. Great thing is both you and I can disagree and solve it at the voting booth. Its really sad to see people in complete fear. That's what happens when they believe what their own party tells them. Lies and fear. Propaganda.That's a great winning plan ! A losing effort. Obviously not everyone is fooled.
  4. He's a self made business man. Not a politician. Not his career. He isn't tied to lobbyists. That right there makes all the difference. He's going to do it his way. He's wealthy for a reason. Look at politicians, they tax and spend. They must have forgot how to balance a check book. Why do you think jobs have left state & country ? Moron schumer and cuomo wants free college and they can't get high school straightened out. Trump isn't a sell out.
  5. fjs5252, Misdemeanor makes a great point about UV rays. Was just getting a shopping list together and was looking at fluoro myself. Suffix castable invisiline apparently is impervious to UV rays. It also is not stiff going on the real which may allow for great action from your stick baits spoons etc. I'm picking it up as a leader. $14 for 150 yds of 14#. I know suufix is very reputable and I'm going to give it a try.
  6. I agree with you 100%. But shooting an unarmed person in the back 8 times in broad daylight when they are running away is unlawful. Especially when you have tools like a k-9, taser, shotgun beanbags, backup. These don't require a milli second decision. They require training. And sometimes not even training is the answer. The only perfect force in the world is God. There will be bad choices made, fortunately they are the 1% and the complete trashing of our entire law enforcement by these liberals is unjustifiable. Ya know, the dems have ruled over our cities for at least 50 years and things have only gotten worse since. You would think city citizens would abandon the dems by now. Definition of insanity : Doing same thing over and over again expecting different results. My dad served in kaison 69 3rd marines. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE
  7. Soul searching ?. That's some BS right there. How about training. I have seen police take lives for both legitimate and bad reasons. The bad reasons could have been handled with a taser, non lethal means. There have been quite a few instances where training should have kicked in. But high intensity situations affect people differently. Ask your active military or vets. There are a small % of people that don't respond correctly. These should NOT represent the other 99% that perform well and put their lives on the line everyday.
  8. Well I believe Marshall law has been invoked before. Example: 60's race riots in the south, and Katrina. Let's face it, sometimes things get so out of control or disastrous, that local/state authorities can't respond adequately on their own. And yes feds were sent in both cases I mentioned. There were 20,000 security personnel at inauguration and they did a great job too !
  9. Oh yeah, GM is investing 3 billion nationwide into plants in america. The playing field is going to change, swinging our country into high gear again. A nation of blue collar deploreables have spoken !
  10. You forgot to mention we are a nation of deploreables. What really kills me is my little 12 yr Little brother comes home and says Trump is a bad man. Teachers need to stay on curriculum and stop teaching children their own political viewpoints & opinions.
  11. I always hose em off good with garden hose, if its warm enough ....lol
  12. I just read your reply in a post about what line size to use in certain colors of water. I'm new to trolling but was told I would be highly disappointed running mono period, cuz I would miss a lot of fish on divers and boards resulting in frustration. I have had a lot of talk and decided braid mainline. But you use mono ? Mono mainline or leader ? What the hell am I missing ? I'm confused...lol

    1. Yankee Troller

      Yankee Troller

      I don't know anybody running braid on boards with the exception of walleye guys. When talking divers most people on Lake Ontario use wire and mono. Braid collects too many fleas. 

    2. moonfish


      I won't be on lake o, just finger lakes. Yeah I'm targeting walleye and trout. Think I stick with braid. I seen your success @ Wilson andand Bids on youtube. Nice job and wish you well this year. Thanks for insight. Dave

  13. That was awesome ! My first year trolling, you give me hope ! Thanks for sharing
  14. My fav fish to eat ! Love the texture of meat. Very nice catch ! Wow, 7 lb. I have a place in fl where catching 5 lb fish during summer is a good chance. Nice job.
  15. Yes, and I believe the DMV does accept a USPS change of address form with receipt. Or have sender change & send mail to other address. Then retrieve your mail with that address and it is acceptable proof of address @ DMV. Think it might have to be a utility bill. At the DMV then you can fill out a change of address form and BOOM, your all set. Then can register boat in ny
  16. In new York if you move to another county or from out of state and reside their 6 months, you can claim residency in that county
  17. Well I hope it works out. I probably look like a jerk for my replies, but in today's society everyone's trying to cut corners and for those of us trying to do the right thing we usually pay for it in one way or another. Even NY 'rs skirt the systems. Well, wish you luck. Tight lines
  18. Ya know what the funny thing is ? If we were talking about keeping the nviroment clean, safe practices, and making repairs or new construction just about everyone is all for it. But then you have someone that owns property here and doesn't pay boater registration, which helps pay for things here. We all want good things, and do enjoy good things here. But who's going to pay for it ? "Oh not me" Funny how that works
  19. He does own property here and pays taxes on it. He said so himself. There is no problem with getting a Reggy here. Let me cut through the BS. The man pays enough taxes here already. He's trying to cut his Reggy costs by registering in pa. The man owns property on Mexico Bay ! Why pay in a state you don't operate in ? If I went to Florida to fish 6 months a year, that's where I would register the boat. He asked for opinion. People disagree with my opinion that's OK too.
  20. I'm not questioning your fishing license. You know what makes this even worse ? You have family and family property here and you run the boat here, but you register in Pennsylvania. Why don't you register the boat to the Mexico Bay address ? You said yourse!f in original post YOU ARE AWARE that where you use your boat primarily is where you need to register. And yet for 40 yrs you register out of state. Well right there is where you contradict yourself. Now your only concerned because an officer called you out. I can't believe it. 40 yrs of Reggy went to another state you don't even operate in and you own property and pay taxes here. Wow. You put up this post and asked for peoples opinions. Now I'm giving you mine. PAY UP
  21. I'm well aware, doesn't change how I feel. If I'm docking, utilizing wateways, fishing, and contributing pollution (which every engine does) for 6 mo's in a state I don't reside in I would expect to pay. Better yet why would I pay for registration in pennsylvania when it doesn't even get operated there ? That money should go to NY. where the boat resides and operates.
  22. Was supposed to go this past weekend. Told north and south is frozen but launch in middle of lake open.
  23. I think if you are a non resident and you have to buy a fishing license in our state, and you are utilizing OUR resources, THEN PAY UP for a registration if this is where you fish 1/2 the year. If I want to fish Allegheny reservoir I need nys, Penn., & possibly even a pay for permit to Indian reservation that splits two states. Lake O is 100 miles from your border. Cancel your Reggy in November, get a refund from NYS DMV, and renew it in April if you don't like losing money for 6 months when your not using boat. Honestly I think your whining about little. Appreciate the fact that you can come here to do it. There's a lot of people that wish they had a boat so they didn't have to fish from shore. Count your blessings, even if it means you have to pay for NYS Reggy.
  24. Do walleye and trout see differntly ? From what I know walleye see well at night. So would a glow or UV appear unnatural ?
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