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  1. I'm not questioning your fishing license. You know what makes this even worse ? You have family and family property here and you run the boat here, but you register in Pennsylvania. Why don't you register the boat to the Mexico Bay address ? You said yourse!f in original post YOU ARE AWARE that where you use your boat primarily is where you need to register. And yet for 40 yrs you register out of state. Well right there is where you contradict yourself. Now your only concerned because an officer called you out. I can't believe it. 40 yrs of Reggy went to another state you don't even operate in and you own property and pay taxes here. Wow. You put up this post and asked for peoples opinions. Now I'm giving you mine. PAY UP
  2. I'm well aware, doesn't change how I feel. If I'm docking, utilizing wateways, fishing, and contributing pollution (which every engine does) for 6 mo's in a state I don't reside in I would expect to pay. Better yet why would I pay for registration in pennsylvania when it doesn't even get operated there ? That money should go to NY. where the boat resides and operates.
  3. Was supposed to go this past weekend. Told north and south is frozen but launch in middle of lake open.
  4. I think if you are a non resident and you have to buy a fishing license in our state, and you are utilizing OUR resources, THEN PAY UP for a registration if this is where you fish 1/2 the year. If I want to fish Allegheny reservoir I need nys, Penn., & possibly even a pay for permit to Indian reservation that splits two states. Lake O is 100 miles from your border. Cancel your Reggy in November, get a refund from NYS DMV, and renew it in April if you don't like losing money for 6 months when your not using boat. Honestly I think your whining about little. Appreciate the fact that you can come here to do it. There's a lot of people that wish they had a boat so they didn't have to fish from shore. Count your blessings, even if it means you have to pay for NYS Reggy.
  5. Do walleye and trout see differntly ? From what I know walleye see well at night. So would a glow or UV appear unnatural ?
  6. Freedom hybrid jig heads on swimbaits Anyone use or tried them ? Like them ? Are they durable ? What other brands are there ?
  7. moonfish


    I'm sorry. I should have mentioned could I launch a small 11' PWC ?..oooopps !
  8. 1/16-1\4 oz Jighead's. Some skirts I would keep short if the angler want to put bait or say a twister tail on it. That way hairs don't interfere with action. You would also need to ask your friend what species of baitfish there are in the waters he fishes, and what colors have worked for him. From what I know white chartreuse brown green are decent colors. But a lot depends on water clarity, depth of water, and species. Try searching utube as well
  9. moonfish


    Happen to know if south launch is doable ?
  10. Always clean mine when I get home and then freeze. If they freeze shortly after coming out of water, IMO I could keep them frozen and clean within 24 hrs. As long as they are frozen there ain't gonna be much bacteria growing in 24 hrs or less. I would be more concerned about hanging a deer to bleed out. That's just me.
  11. OK thanks . But what size braid ? Diameter ?
  12. I don't understand what you mean by 3 to 1 ratio. What are you comparing ? Mono to braid ?
  13. Yeah your probably right. But its a real guessing game using braid if there aren't charts and no on e gives gives any tips. Like a #1 dipsy on setting one, say 150' back. I know what depth is for mono. If I'm slow trolling 1.5 mph then I need to let more line out to get it deeper or change the setting. I can work with that. But I have no info on braid. Like I said, I have to buy trolling bible. I know of people that use mono as well. Can't you adjust tension release on dipsy ? I've seen in videos too where they have tripped the dipsy release, like setting a hook. I'm willing to take advice. I guess I could find braid diameter like 20- 30# but have to get a diameter comparable to a chart showing mono depths because there are no braid charts.
  14. Yeah I been on the site. Not willing to pull the wallet out just yet....lol. I do a lot of warm water species fishing, but I'm mostly on finger lakes that have trout/walleye as well. This will be my 2nd yr as a boat owner too ! So trolling for these 2 species is a new endeavor and keeping things simple for now is my best bet til I get some experience under my belt. I see it as a part time endeavor because I like to fish for bass and pike. But broadening my horizon will be fun. I spend most of my time on conesus, hemlock, canadice, honeyoye lake. Occasionally Irondequoit bay, Gennessee River. MAYBE get to canandaigua a few times. Purchasing 2 okuma 7'10 planer rods with Magda 20 reel, church tackle planers, divers & pro weight system (Guppy's). New this year for me, weather/water depending, is early spring shallow trout trolling on LO shores. I'm ssssssooooo excited !!!! Probably should bring some toilet paper with me 1st time out .......lol. Yep, I'm a certified OCD angler....lmao
  15. I just compared lines on Bassproshops. Power pro 30# braid is .53 dia. Berkeley 20# big game mono is .43. The mono is smaller diameter. Just telling ya what I'm reading. I use a double uni and never had issues with mono to fluoro even long casting 1oz lures. I guess its all a matter of preference right ? I mean if you run braid, depth accuracy becomes an issue unless someone gives you romanacks guide which will never happen and good luck finding a chart for running braid, slide divers slide, you have to flip a tube, tie a barrel swivel. Too many variables in my opinion. I don't operate a charter. I'd like to spool #20 mono and a fluoro leader, slap a SD on, inline weight or dipsy off boards and go fish. There are free depth charts for ucharters,dipsy, and the 50/50 method. The second I switch to braid everything becomes more difficult and harder to access as far as charts/accuracy are concerned. If I miss a few fish due to stretch, that means I'm on em an I'll get em the next pass....lol. Point is accuracy. If I'm accurate I will catch them. I don't have a fancy depth finder either. Traditional sonar up to 300ft in a 12' boat. Was just curious y the diver was lost on mono. Hey, I'm just a wknd warrior. I could be wrong , but simple might be more. Less can be more. Rather be accurate with mono and miss a few, than miss em all running braid. Like I said good luck finding any braid charts unless you buy trolling bible.
  16. Was curious. I'm a new by to trolling and was going to run 20# mono, simply because its easier for me to achieve accurate depth using charts with my lack of experience. Wanted to know what caused your divers to break off ?
  17. The snakehead, not burbot. NYSDEC specifically instructs anglers to destroy snakehead immediately. Hence the importance of fish ID. Can be easily mid identified if you don't know what to look for, as sk8man stated
  18. Thanks sk8man for clarifying. Was reading about these fish couple months ago. The snakehead is the only one besides burbot and bowfin that is to be killed immediately and should be documented and foward to dec. Snakead can devastate fish species if not tracked. So its important to know what the differences are between burbot,bowfin,snakehead. A lil story about burbot is that they have extremely large livers and hold a tremendous amount of vitamin a. This species originates from england and is considered to be very taty, equivalent to cod. Anyway, a fox hunter used to throw scraps into his field and the fox he shot or sold were considered the best pelts in the world. Because of the oversized high content vitamin a livers.
  19. I like my online fishing apps but nothing could ever replace replace the real thing. Nothing beats a fight with rod n reel in hand. Pure adrenaline. A robotic filet machine with a laser eye would be nice tho ! I think the hydro wave is pretty controversial as well. Puts out frequency's that "turn on" fish.
  20. Your right trophy seeker. I'm going pro when I get taxes, finances tight right now.
  21. BEATTIEANNE- Your home port is where it gets wet ? Oh boy.
  22. Loose Laces, dosaques.,lol, uuuummmm, hammer time, alltiedup or alltideup, thereelkvd...lol, ohhhhhh let's see, one below, I tried idk
  23. If the market is overseen by the city, then why don't they have someone overseeing it ? Maybe I'm wrong. Then again the city doesn't do to well with many things.
  24. LOL. Yea its my first time trying. 1st pour didn't work to well. Had to open pour hole more and get plastic a little hotter. Nice thing is being able to reheat the same plastic. A little adjustment and get it to a science. When I get comfortable with it then I try swimbaits and creature baits.
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