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  1. Ya never know,we certainly aren't half way
  2. I like the site. The small molds are inexpensive and probably will get 4. But the swimbaits probably do myself first and if it doesn't work I MIGHT buy the aluminum cast. Its the giant $50 injector that deters me. I'm not mass producing.The other positive are the cranks and jerbaits. May build hybrid spinner swimbait too. Cool stuff. Thanks
  3. I thought we had 3 months left ? Jan, feb, march. Hee-hee
  4. OK cool. Its bedtime tho..lol. I check it out. Thanks.
  5. I have a bunch of junk plastics I want to melt down and pour. Plaster casts seem easiest and I dont have to order a bunch of supplies. Dans crafts and things has resin molds but not sure if it is right for hot plastic. But was curious to see what other are doing to pour their own. I'm interested in making craws,worms and swimbaits. Not mass producing, just for my likes and use.
  6. I love it when when my 1/2 spinner bait goes right through the roof of a pikes mouth as far as hooks I like vmc. Not only are they sharp, but they stay sharp
  7. If you like shimano the tdr rod series has 11 types great reviews and are $30. Okuma glt & eagle claw are same price range.
  8. Go to fishusa.com and view the rods and types of rod for each model. Make sure u read the reviews and q&a. There are dipsy rods that can double as a planer rod as well. I'm not the most experienced but i think if you run #40 braid, out of fear for that 30 lb king, you can change your fluorocarbon leader out according to species of fish, walleye/salmon. But lose advantages of copper or lead. Again, I'm not an expert, but if I could buy just 6 rods and fish two different species, that's how I would do it. Would require some tying the night before tho. I've also heard of switching reels out on the rods that are spooled with different line too. I don't know, we do what we can depending on money. Some have more than othder.
  9. They are in the Adirondacks as far south as tug hill I believe
  10. I use a IR board camera which fits nicely into 1.25 PVC and fits snug onto scope eyepiece. From cam runs video Jack to 4" LCD monitor which mounts to scope rail. A little focusing w/rear eyepiece and all milldots are clear & precise This is system works very well, includes all hardware and can be purchased @ sure24.com. Paid $130 with shipping.I also purchased a 12v 4500 mah battery (1/2x3x4") for $30 which sits flat and secure on rifle stock. Can be charged from house outlet. I get 5 hrs continuous running. Plus a IR t-20 light which can mount anywhere including bi pod. 20 hr run time on CR 123 $30 So for $160 the only batteries I buy are for IR light. Plus it's visually undetectable. Also my .30 air rifle has a dual recoil which is hard on electronics because the travel of a gas piston. Have had no issues with electronics. I was looking at armasight as well, but gen 1 with 4x was more than twice the cost, they were bulky, and heavier than what I want. Besides, I can take electronics off and not have to zero scope. Or leave electronics on and will fits in gun bag. This system and others like it are used widely in what may be the best hare and fox hunting in the world. The UK. The advantage to an air rifle as well is my concussion is 95 db AT THE BARREL ! At 100 yards you can't hear my rifle. More likely you won't be scaring everything within earshot. They come in 50 cal and bigger. Good for ALL game including huge southern boar.
  11. Cut a peace of a senko worm or trick worm etc, about the size of an pencil eraser & slide on as bait keeper
  12. I don't target muskie, but do target pike occasionally. I mainly bass fish but a change in species hunting is nice. My point is pike can be caught on just about any lure out there. Including Texas rigged worms, shaky heads etc. I know they will eat anything they can. Take any hungry essox and put something in front of them and they are liable to eat it. They are vicious creatures with appetites. I seen some new baby duck top waters recently, I think tackle warehouse has them. I may pick one up and try it out. I don't doubt success on any lure for essox, as long as the lure and technique comply with season and water clarity. Oh yeah, I haven't seen any small mouth lures for muskie. Do they exist ? I know muskie like eating them.
  13. THOROUGHLY ENJOYED THAT VID BRO ! I fish west fingerlake's. I feel the desire to fish just as you do. Gonna be a long winter !..lol. So I'm buying my first trolling rod ever pretty soon here. Walleye and trout using planers and divers. Medium power but I'm hung up the tip action. What do you think ? Moderate or moderate fast tip ? Thanks for he vid !
  14. I'm going to assume this is primarily a salmonid forum ? I mean the only waters in monroe county people would actually gather to discuss would be lake o or the bays. Forgive me if I sound negative. I would be interested if there was some discussion on walleye.
  15. Thanks VETTING. Pumping a rod and applying adequate pressure is 2 different things. On a good day of fishing how many miles do you walk in your boat ? Hey, do what you want.
  16. Welcome. Good folk & great forum.
  17. John Powell forgot to mention that heavy loads are pulled in with the rod and the line is taken in on a "reel down". A higher speed reel is helpful in this. But keep in mind that customers may not be as proficient as we are in this technique. Also, higher retrieve rates means getting lines out of the water quicker if necessary. Mechanics are mechanics, human techniques make things work.
  18. Looking @ glt series rods with Magda 20 reel. Running mono or braid mainline. The glt rod is designated as down rigger, but can it be successful as jet/dipsy/slide diver setup ? No deeper than 70'. Looking at medium power with moderate fast action. 7.5' to 8.5'? Don't need long rod, I'm in a small boat. Any suggestions ? I don't do a lot of trolling, but on occasions will go fingerlakes, or the river. Trout and walleye.
  19. Welcome to THE, Lou forum. Just to let ya know, dont mention names of small creeks, unless its in a pm or it may be deleted. Some walleye trout info typically gets shared in a pm as well. I had to learn this. Its just FYI. So welcome again and mail me if u have questions. This is an excellent forum !!!!
  20. Thanks for the advice! I'm not real experience d with trolling and only way I thought it could be deployed was on a 3 way. Thanks
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