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  1. Welcome to THE, Lou forum. Just to let ya know, dont mention names of small creeks, unless its in a pm or it may be deleted. Some walleye trout info typically gets shared in a pm as well. I had to learn this. Its just FYI. So welcome again and mail me if u have questions. This is an excellent forum !!!!
  2. Thanks for the advice! I'm not real experience d with trolling and only way I thought it could be deployed was on a 3 way. Thanks
  3. It was cool, but calm beautiful day. Thanks to Dan, my new friend and fishing buddy.
  4. Yeah, I think so. Torpedo cost more than Chinook divers
  5. I never used torpedoes or dipsys and I'm exploring options for trolling. Can anyone tell me how these torpedoes work, the application, species, or depths typically used for ? absolutely CLUELESS here. Thanks.
  6. I'm like you as well Kilians. One of my fav lakeforkguy vids is when the bass bite was totally off even on a school and he switched tatics. Threw on a GIANT flutter spoon and started boating giants ! Of course in Texas bass dont "hibernate" so they get much bigger and plenty of them. Thanks for sharing the vid !
  7. Thanks. I would have to say that walleye are my most coveted fish heading into spring. I only caught one this year and didn't get on the water til June. Its my first year off shore in a boat so been learning a lot. Good luck with the eyes !
  8. Got em on shad swimbait slow retrieve with occasional pause. Caught two yesterday, 3.5 & 4 lb. Caught a nice perch and small pickerel too. My buddy landed a laker & steelhead, pickerel. Was a decent day, BUT WINDY. Man, I look fat !....lol
  9. I had a good year as well. My first year off shore in a boat too ! LOU, utube, & navionics were biggest help..lol. Nice fish, but love the hat bro ! Sorry bout the pics. Tried to correct but won't. The first Pike pic was weighed @ 12 lbs. Click on pic and get expanded view. Bass were 3-5 lb.
  10. Anyone trout fishing hemlock or Canadice successfully ? Just curious. Not looking for tips. Just looking to go fish.
  11. I'm so thankful to live freely in this country of ours ! I haven't been a member too long but thanks to those that have created this site & all those who continue to support it. Thanks to all the members. I have learned from you and that will continue. Thanks to new friends. Through this site and on the water I have more joy in my life ! Well wishes to all and see ya soon !
  12. Thanks to being good people and neighbors to us !
  13. Hossenlop; think that's my last time in canoe, its so tipsy. I have small boat with 2 bass seats, much more stable...lol. thanks !
  14. Brand new still packaged Yukon 25's. Adjustable binders, up to size 11. Rated for 200 lbs. Comes with poles and carry bag. Above average snow forecast this year. I just don't have time for them. $50 or barter for slide divers, Chinook divers. Send me a PM and I will send a phone#.
  15. Just watched a Roland Martin episode on stripers. They found schools and hand casted top water walkers with good success. They also trolled and handcasted large swimbaits as well as umbrella rigs with two chasers (trailing swimbaits). Caught more than they could handle, sometimes 6 on at once. Try searching utube including body of water & striper.
  16. Around 28" but was a solid fish guessing 7 lbs.
  17. Might be my last one this year, unless I get out trout fishing. This one was pretty healthy. Putting that winter weight on. Around 6-7 lbs.
  18. I saw on inffisherman or angling edge ? smallies that were caught deep, they used hypodermic needle to relieve bladder. Not that I would do it, unless I was taught. Then they released them immediately. Was interesting.
  19. I thought this thread waswas about trout techniques on HEMLOCK.
  20. Available daily sunlight, water temps below 50, and bait fish are determining factors for transitioning bass. Winter is right around the corner. Your best chances are what others have stated, IMO start in 15 fow on structure/ledge/ point/ dropoff etc. Cast shallow and if no good go deep. Or just go deep. They are transitioning to winter homes. We saw fish finder filled with fish in 25 fow on sodus Sunday. I would target smallies. They tend to be more active than largeies in cooler water.
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