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  1. It seems the almanac has more poor days than anything else. I never looked at that before. I occasionally look @ solunar calendar. My season has been fair to good. I fish twice a week and this entire year I had maybe 3 days being skunked. It's my first year w/boat and still learning these bodies of water. It's been a challenge. So my success has come from study, planning, tips. Can't tell you how many times I have a plan going in and the weather or water conditions forces a change in technique. Went to honeyoe lake a few weeks ago and fisshed in pea soup conditions and still caught fish. I personally believe there are always active fish or "neutral" fish that can be turned on through reaction type tactics in any weather condition. It's up to me to 1st find them, put something in front of them they will eat or change the way it is presented, and discover the pattern. To summarize, man made the calendar, the calendar doesn't make the man. We can overcome intangibles through study and experience. There are always active fish somewhere. Some days we just have to work a little harder.
  2. Been a shore fisherman my whole life and got a 12' boat this year. I have never fished for trout or salmon before. So I thought I might try starting by launching on the gennessee in Charlotte and troll heading south towards 104. I have the following but not sure if any of these will work in the river. Spoons, single/double bladed aglia spinners, swimbaits, 4-6" stick or minnow baits, crank baits, rattle traps, grubs. Basically bass/ walleye/Pike tackle. I really don't have a clue what may or may not work. And are single hooks required ? Could you clue me in ? When is the right time ?
  3. moonfish

    Gluten free

    Bass pickerel crappie
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    36" plus, didn't measure but it did weigh 11.5
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    Close to 5. Lb
  6. Seasoned with lemon pepper seasoning, fried. Baked potatoes and zucchini squash caserol. WAS SSSSOOOOOOO GOOD!
  7. You do know that Monroe county water treatment plant over flows during heavy rains directly into iron bay ? Saw it on utube. Had 2 6' ft sewer pipe incased in concrete and water flow was so much it pushed waste and timber right over the top of it. Video displayed condoms needles and garbage. I WOULDNT EAT A THING OUT OF THAT WATER. Maggie Brooks clean water act.
  8. I saw a pic of a 26-29 lb drum (sheepshead) caught on Irondequoit bay. I believe it was on Dec site from last year. Was a state record.
  9. Fishing labor day evening 6-midnight for walleye. I'm new to night fishing and walleye. I have read some things but was hoping to get advice from anglers in our area. Will be on South end to half way up the lake. Should I troll in the dark or sit still & throw lures that make noise with a slow retrieve ? Any tips would be appreciated.
  10. It will be a new moon and was wondering if it would be best to sit still and use a lure that makes noise/vibration or to troll ? Problem is when walleye come shallow at night would my boat or trolling motor scare them off ? I know trolling is successful at night based on what I have seen. So what am I not understanding ? Going on honeyoye Monday night after labor day boaters settle down. You think heavy daytime boat pressure will increase night time feeding ?
  11. Don't let cold front conditions deter you. Fish slower, maybe a smaller presentation, and experiment with your presentation. Today I caught a 5 & 3 lb bigmouth in the first 20 minutes. I could have stayed on them and caught many more but had a goal of chasing down walleye, which I found in 35' at the end of the day on my way to boat launch....lol. FIGURES. Wass a good 1\4 mile stretch of bait fish and walleye/ trout. But I did troll Eastern shore in 15 ft of water w/2 Gators boated. 30", 24". Lures were perch Tail dancer, perch forage minnow spoon. Well I love fishing and if you do too and you like to share or discuss, please do. Good luck and enjoy !
  12. Thanks. I went this am and caught a 5 & 3 lb big mouth in the first 20 minutes ! I decided to fish the area for another half hour and head to East shore where there are many humps in 15 to 20 ft. No luck. But did troll the shore and caught 2 Pike, one 30" 7-8 lbs. Was good day. On my way back to the launch, there was 1/4 mile stretch of suspended fish on bait in 35' of water. UNBELIEVABLE. Had to be walleye/trout. So many fish stacked. Wanted to fish them but needed to get home for dinner...lol. Thanks for reply and maybe talk soon. Dave
  13. First I would like to say hello to everyone. I LOVE FISHING. It would be nice to talk someone that is enthusiastic about fishing. I am 45 yo and have fished rivers streams ponds for 30 yrs. I finally have a boat and learning these larger bodies of water is going to take yrs. I have had some success almost every time I fish with an occasional day with 0 catches. So improving on strikes is a top priority for me. I am fishing conesus tmrw on the northern half. As you know it is currently post cold front conditions. Any advice on walleye locations, post cold front tips and techniques would be greatly appreciated. Thanks !
  14. I have fished rivers and streams my whole life. This is my first year as a angler with a boat. As you know there is much to learn on these larger bodies of water. I will be on Conesus tomorrow and will fish the northern half. Would like to know where the walleye hot spots are and tactics, lures or bait used during the cool daytime weather. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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