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  1. Was curious what type of lure you used ? I know spinners sticks and spoons catch browns. I have never caught a brown or laker before. I usually bass fish @ Hemlock. Any info your willing to share would be greatly appreciated. Thank.
  2. Anyone know what temps are between hemlock and canandaigua lake are ? Where can I find this info ? Been trying but no results. An estimated temp will do. Thanks.
  3. OK so apparently this is an incident I know nothing of and is way off topic. I just wanted to know water temps in my area which is west of canandaigua, no where near cayuga. FishingTheFL please take that somewhere else like the DEC. I bet u didn't even call DEC when u saw it. So get off my thread
  4. Yeah thanks. I'm waiting til 45-50 deg. Another 3 wks probly. I don't fish Cayuga, but it still remains one of better bass lakes on the tourney and in the country. producing well despite claims of crappy guys catching bass. How does anyone know if its crappie guys or something else causing death ? Still produces year after year
  5. Water temps Anyone know what temps are on conesus or honeyoye ? Might be early for bass yet.
  6. Oh OK would you be willing to tell me colors or lures ? Glow ? Pm me if u want
  7. Thanks for tips. I got their about 11:30am north end and head south. But went to where I see on finder @ 25 ' and could not get a bite. I think my boat spooked em, I was over them b 4 I knew it lol. Oh well was a beautiful day and thanks again for tips.
  8. Hemlock trout tips wanted So been told hand casting works good in shallow up high, but tmrw winds will be 5-15 knots. Plan is troll for an hr and drift back. What's your advice concerning wind, stay shallow or go out to 20 row ? Its my first real attempt targeting browns & Lakers. ANY ADVICE will b appreciated. Thanks
  9. I believe both I bay and sodus have web cams. The Gennessee definately has web cam. Maybe try a post LOU for launch status.
  10. Go to rec center town of Ontario, get hrs they are open and pay for day. I would call them first to make sure when they are open because not all web sites are up to date. Or launch out of Irondequoit bay or sodus. I-Bay is 11.3 miles west of bear creek but sodus is closer to bear creek. Where are you travelling from ?
  11. Oh ! Thanks for info. The description on town website doesn't mention paying at rec center. Still have to provide car/boat registration ?
  12. Oh yeah, it was suggested to me not to bother fishing shallow gin clear water. Stained is better.
  13. Was a few guys on here few weeks ago during break in weather that were catching browns in 8-20'. A couple in our area and in buffalo. Warmer pockets were key outta bear creek. All were using shallow sticks. All reported break offs as well stating they though it might be laker or steely based on how they were peeling drag. Based on that, actual reports and recent reports, might want to start shallow. Just my op
  14. You do know you have to pay a fee for the day to the town and they only accept payment by mail ?
  15. I agree with fish master re YouTube. I would call company you plan to buy from for specs. I was looking at tx-44 walleye boards and found out they hold 12oz + downrigger ball or dipsy. But don't pull well with lighter tackle. Maybe that's what you want. The medium size boards, at least for me, seem more ideal for what I want to do, but probably won't be beyond 30 fow deep trolling
  16. Oh OK. So tighten first, then put dipsy/planer in water and loosen til it goes out. Sound about right ?
  17. Magda 20 question My first ever trolling rod. What is the purpose of the chrome knob to left of star drag ? How do I adjust it appropriately ?
  18. They hold up to 3 oz ? Do they stay out away from boat ?
  19. Yeah we're talking same language here. The pro weight system consists of snap weight up to 3oz. Nice thing about the weights is they are 99% lead free. If I lose one its pretty safe to environment. Have you seen Romanaks 50/50 method on YouTube ? 1st time I saw it I thought that's a good place to start for someone like myself with minimal experience. Comes with chart for weights, different speeds as well. Fun watching him catch walleye too...lol. But for where I fish in western finger lakes, which are some of the smallest/shallowest, I think these techniques fit them and my personal style best. Here's my boat. I have another bass seat I put in when I don't bring the cooler
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