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  1. Yeah that's what I thought too. I have the minis and used them last year but they don't handle much more than 6' crank,stickbait,or light spinners,. They do OK with spoons too. But just need to cover top 30' of water column and 22's seem like they will do well for that. Below 30' I'm using dipsy divers. Best example I can give is Canadice lake. Its called "bathtub" for good reason. Can run planers on top water column on one side of the boat and dipsys off the back. Covering offshore structure. That's the plan anyway...lol
  2. Where I troll the most for walleye, the mean depth is 18' and 30' at its deepest point. Where I troll for bows/browns/Lakers is 70-90' at its deepest. Also I fish warm water species most of the time, but there are trout and walleye there as well and may decide to drop the casting rods & go troll I'm sticking with braid & and purchasing okuma planer rods. Not interested in running wire. Thanks for input tho
  3. With the 50/50 method, pulling 1\2-1oz weight with small stick, 4' diving crank, or spinner 100' back of the board, would still be too much pull for flag tension ? On honeyoye and the river @10-15 ft deep. Using 12# mono & 15# power pro braid.
  4. Thanks guffins. Thanks everyone ! Buying 22's
  5. Yeah, I'm not running with flags. I don't think they are necessary. Maybe if I was targeting crappie
  6. OK thanks for the help guys ! That helps my pocket book and angling experience. Thanks much.
  7. I'm looking for used. I'm already in the $100's on my shop list. Trying to keep cost down.
  8. Yeah, 30.99 per board tx-44's. That's without flag system, which I prefer to have, but not a requirement. Found a pair on other site for 50 but then pay shipping. All the same. I don't mind used as long as they're decent and function properly.
  9. Going to pull slide divers, pro weight system (50/50 method) or deep diving cranks. But if I can use tx-22 for pro weight system 1\2 oz-3 oz wieght and deep divers that would be better. Then I could skip slide divers altogether. What do you think ? Its for trolling bows/browns in clear water up to 30', and walleye in various water clarity. Finger lakes.
  10. Wanted: walleye boards Brand new tx-44 walleye boards going to $60+. I'm looking to spend $40 + shipping for used port & starboard.
  11. Lol...I been bills fan 35 yrs. So being a skeptic I totally understand. Your right, there are many ways to skin a cat. Thanks for reply.
  12. Maybe he just loves America.
  13. In today's news briefing, press secretary stated that employees of the EPA and a couple other agencies were tweeting things on social media, which violates their own policies. Not sure what was tweeted. But its another example of government employees doing improper things. If it goes against department policy than those things need to be stopped.
  14. BREAKING NEWS- Fox Newcast at noon "The Five" just reported that under the Obama administration the justice department blocked federal voting workers from going in and cleaning up invalid voter registrations. Meaning using dead peoples info, illegal immigrants, resident non u.s. citizens and voters registered in 2-3 different states. This may have affected Obamas second election and definitely brought invalid votes into the mix for Clinton. Also there were thousands of invalid registrants exposed in several states prior to election. May or may not be 3 million, but its still fraud. CROOKED POLITICIANS. NO WONDER ITS WELL KNOWN OBAMA DID NOT HAVE FORMAL RELATIONS WITH MANY LAWMAKERS. THATS A FACT. For anyone that doubts what Trump knows and is capable of doing, I suggest you slow down and watch. Not only is he incredibly wise, but he has surrounded himself with incredibly smart people. Many of those people are working behind the scenes and dont make it in front of the camera. He Is not an insider. Things will be exposed. Like he said, "Its time to drain the swamp". These politicians have abused their power far too long while WE deal with the results. We hear & see many thing. But how much are we not seeing or hearing ? I'm sure its plenty. Dems went behind closed doors in secrecy and pushed thousands of pages into obamcare the night before the vote and shoved it down house and senate throats. Then lied and said you can choose your doctor, keep your plan, and their will be competition to keep premiums down. Now its imploding on itself. There has to be a replacement. Its not a choice any longer. I am so glad we have an outsider for president ! Like he said " the power of government will be taken back and given to the people once again" where it belongs ! The government is not to assert its power down to the people, but to **SERVE** ALL AMERICANS leaving the power and will of this country to its citizens where it belongs. With the people. That's the difference between a free society and a dictatorship, socialism, communism.
  15. That's right ! He's gonna shake things up. Has too in order to get spiraling debt under control. Federal hiring freeze was a good move too. Sorry but I think EPA is too big and way too political. It was announced that the federal workers would be dropped by 20%. Things are getting streamlined & overhauled. That might piss some people off, but you can't please everyone. We'll see how it turns out. Don't put the cart before the horse. There are reasons and we will see.
  16. Yeah, I have jointeds & couple 15a, but l have shorter stuff too. Was just seeing what length they're hitting. Hey gonna send u pm.
  17. That's cool. This year is my first year trolling. Hope to get out for first time this weekend. From what I'm seeing it seems like browns are pretty active right now. I'm in Rochester and a post here says gobie and orange crush short sticks are hitting well. How long is that jointed fasttrac ?
  18. I do smoke, light kings size. And that looks like MY FRIGGIN CIGARETTE !!!....LOL SERIOUS TOO !!
  19. OMG!!! The guy in blue flannel looks exactly like me ! Same glasses, gotee, I own the same flannel too ! I thought how did they get a picture of me ?! I do have a twin. O-M-G. Hey nice fishing bro !
  20. I've had a boss or 2 that were jerks, but they were pretty friggin good at what they do, and helped the company grow. Plus it helped me toughen up a little. I don't have to get along with everybody, and not everyone's gonna like me. But guaranteed jobs gonna be well done one way or another. Minus the beer...lol
  21. Does Mike really think sportsmen consider whether or not trump hunts or fishes is a qualification ? Gee last I remember the NRA BACKED HIM. Hillary would step all over 2nd amendment.
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