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  1. Lots of that trash like that goin around,the troopers were at otisco few weeks ago due to people gettin stuff stole off boat slips...
  2. Nice,Otisco looked like the salmon river with the shore crowds....gotta put boat in!...good catch though.
  3. Otisco...for the night shift,cant wait!
  4. I have a 91 sea nymph gls too,and just peeled and painted my boat ...window scraper and lots of blades,then acetone to remove whats left.took a few days to peel but wasnt to hard to do.some stickers are overlaped and thick.
  5. Check out the floro invisa swivel yet?
  6. Slide divers will work great with those short rods and are directional can adjust leader as long as needed.
  7. Slide divers work with those short rods and are directional!