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  1. 3-12# Yeck -$35each 3- 10# tru Trac- $30each 1-big Jon swivel base-$45 2-big Jon dual rod holder-$75 each set 3-Magda 20-$15 each Everything works as it should. Shipping extra Pick up or meet up can be arranged I am in Penfield/Greece. Pm me Cash preferred other options can be arranged. Ty Dan Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Interested sending a pm Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. Hammerhead charters and tackle website. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. Try anchor express or marine general. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  5. Paul gee..It was " sold" to another individual...not T1234566789D I was preferring not to ship. Good luck with your search!
  6. Was on my '93 PY intruder. Some what functional.. Free
  7. There is always boats out of Hughes. Assuming you have a radio to call for help you will be fine. Have Hughes phone number too just in case. Wx looks decent but you never know! Monday was a grind for sure. I motored offshore only found a handful of teenagers, small steelhead, and juvenile kings. Not nearly as good as Sundays trip! Good luck! Dan
  8. Net guy and rod guy have to talk and work together as often the rod guy can't see what is going on. When I net I make sure the fish is close enough so I can get under it as I quickly stab the net into the water and then lift.. mistakes happen when the fish is too far away and the far edge of the basket does not make it to the other end of the fish.. Paul might be on to something as well! Lol Good luck.... I don't use a clip to hold the basket tho it can help.
  9. Headed west out of the chute, motored a bit then set up in 50fow on a west troll. Slow go for the first couple of hours then rods started to fire! 10 color, and coppers off boards running near bottom did most of the bigger fish, riggers targeting bottom 1/3 of water or bottom got the rest. Dreamweaver, nk, and warrior spoons in 28 size took all fish. Ssw and watermelon primarily. I fished mostly 50-75 with the 50-60 range being the best. 12#4oz was our biggest! I have chased kings and love catching them but I am really liking the brown trout fishing in this lake! Lots of quality fish out there and a bit more predictable to fish for then the salmon. Dan
  10. John- Yea I got a bunch on a 35 rigger and 5/7 color lead core! Ghost -My August will depend on the wind! Hoping to get out every weekend and during the week! My fishing logbook for 2017 is pretty thin!
  11. Interestingly the flies were fine all morning in tight..they got almost unbearable out deep tho!
  12. Decided to target browns for the morning part of my full day grind. Glad I did... the bite was pretty good with steady action in 50-60' much of the morning. Once it slowed I pointed north with hopes to stumble onto mature kings. That did not happen but I did boat many skippys and one 9# steelhead and a 16# king. Browns chewed mainly on ssw, watermelon, and frog spoons in standard and slims.. the kings and steelhead came on green gator stingray and a purple stinger in stingray size. Almost No fleas but many hungry flies! Good luck! Dan
  13. I just had a king removed from my py. Are u looking for parts?
  14. How much for the 2 heartlands... they are the green ones right?
  15. Nice job! Great short trip! Nice to see some kings being had near Roch!
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