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  1. i was walleye fishing on erie this week and the reaction to losing that fish and your gear was not unlike ours when dropping big walleyes half way to boat. Hooked some dandies but many shook off to live another day! great video!
  2. ditto..we fished from 27-30th out of barcelona for our pseudo annual trip. they r shallow and with the calm seas and added boat traffic ..( which was surprising for mon-wed) they eemed to chew more in lower light conditions and to around 10pm. the white bass and drum were relentless. we boated easy 60+ over the 3.2 days of fishing and that is prob low. they hit everything at any speed and the dreaded propeller action of there body pulling thru the water was maddening! night fishing was fun... nice to see the reflection in the eyes as u bring them in. we pulled only sticks for 75% of trip, pulled worm harnesses first day but phased them out of spread. Glad u found some fish! Dan
  3. sure these come up after i order 3 rods from overtons... broke tip from 8' rod. wonder if the 8'6" tip would have matched? let me know if "sale" falls thru! lol. Dan
  4. Will there be one this year? I participated last year and thought it was a great tourney! Hoping there will be one since i will not be able to do SCS:( Dan
  5. can u get from gander? i have to get an 8' too and have those 8'6" ... nice rods
  6. congrats! Were u out of Sandy? I may have launched next to you. Looks like you found a decent class of fish. we picked away at teenagers. Great job!
  7. easy solution... have Bill rig both sides of the boat!!! lol! seriously though.. i remember a few occasions where my buddy and i ran the exact same cowbell combo. i rigged one side he the other. one side always seem to out fish the other. lots of variables .....
  8. Your site getting up and running is def in my thoughts and prayers Bob. Funny I come across this thread since I have been mentally preparing an order and specifically NEED a certain limited production pattern! Best quality and some of the best fish catching patterns out there! Dan
  9. congrats! sounds like a great trip. thanks for posting! i fished the am and wound up with a mix bag of skippys, few decent lakers, and a 16# king. i fished inside of 200fow.
  10. well done guys! Wish i was there! heading tomorrow hope the wind hasnt messed up too much out there!
  11. 2 were hooked in mouth and the other in gill plate. all a snag i am sure.
  12. Part of todays catch! Got a brownie loaded with these too.. surprised it was still hungry.
  13. yeah they were there Thursday! Fished the same stretch Friday and nada. Water was more stained friday. Tough day out there.
  14. Are these still available? I am interested. What is the condition? -Dan-
  15. Run a mix and see what fish want. I almost always have a uv spoon in water. either FLT stuff or stinger "UV". they catch in all conditions for me.
  16. Great job Guys and thanks for posting! I have been sidelined literally for the past 3 weekends watching my boys play travel lax and baseball. hoping to get out this week if the weather cooperates. Post to follow! -Dan-
  17. I got mine the same day he got my payment! No issues at all.
  18. i have an 898 h bird( i think thats the model) and have had similar issues but inconsistent. i have had the unit for around 5 years. try manually setting the bottom depth rather than having on autodepth. That seemed to help the most. aside from that fiddle w sensitivity settings. does it happen more when there are waves hitting the transom? thats when mine gets screwy.
  19. I snagged something with a dipsey about 4-5 miles west of wilson in roughly 200' fow or so back in May. Fortunately I only lost the fly. Glad it wasnt a rigger that snagged! For a number of seconds i thought i had the derby winner on! oh well.
  20. lol yeah. We took pic at end of trip and he just woke up. ninja needed his rest!
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