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  1. Your site getting up and running is def in my thoughts and prayers Bob. Funny I come across this thread since I have been mentally preparing an order and specifically NEED a certain limited production pattern! Best quality and some of the best fish catching patterns out there! Dan
  2. congrats! sounds like a great trip. thanks for posting! i fished the am and wound up with a mix bag of skippys, few decent lakers, and a 16# king. i fished inside of 200fow.
  3. well done guys! Wish i was there! heading tomorrow hope the wind hasnt messed up too much out there!
  4. 2 were hooked in mouth and the other in gill plate. all a snag i am sure.
  5. Part of todays catch! Got a brownie loaded with these too.. surprised it was still hungry.
  6. yeah they were there Thursday! Fished the same stretch Friday and nada. Water was more stained friday. Tough day out there.
  7. Are these still available? I am interested. What is the condition? -Dan-
  8. Run a mix and see what fish want. I almost always have a uv spoon in water. either FLT stuff or stinger "UV". they catch in all conditions for me.
  9. Great job Guys and thanks for posting! I have been sidelined literally for the past 3 weekends watching my boys play travel lax and baseball. hoping to get out this week if the weather cooperates. Post to follow! -Dan-
  10. I got mine the same day he got my payment! No issues at all.
  11. i have an 898 h bird( i think thats the model) and have had similar issues but inconsistent. i have had the unit for around 5 years. try manually setting the bottom depth rather than having on autodepth. That seemed to help the most. aside from that fiddle w sensitivity settings. does it happen more when there are waves hitting the transom? thats when mine gets screwy.
  12. I snagged something with a dipsey about 4-5 miles west of wilson in roughly 200' fow or so back in May. Fortunately I only lost the fly. Glad it wasnt a rigger that snagged! For a number of seconds i thought i had the derby winner on! oh well.
  13. lol yeah. We took pic at end of trip and he just woke up. ninja needed his rest!
  14. top line off planer board with a split shot 8' from spoon to get lure down a little.
  15. Mixed bag dominated by lakers. Roughly 15/17.. biggest was 16# king, 12# laker. only 1 steelhead. fished 60-250. steelie came out of deeper water on a split shot rig. Boated a laker on same rig and others on down to 100'. bait all over esp inside of 150 or so with more in tighter. 7 color pulling carmel dolphin took the bigger king. other fish on frostbite, chx wing, gator, ssw, alewife and purple gator. better bite was early. 16# ran so far i could not see the yellow off shore inline attached. with 12# leader i was not willing to tighten drag down. after i got the board in "rod ninja"' took over.
  16. Have to say these flies are top quality and catch fish. I will be ordering more! Fast turn around on order also! Keep up the great work! Dan
  17. Definitely a tough couple days of fishing out there! Have to say canandaigua is probably the most unpredictable lake i fish. One day its hot and the next .. not. Knowing it was gonna blow saturday i decided to bag prefishing friday.. save energy and gas.. Saturday I set up with no clear game plan of what, where, and how, but figured i would start south of german bros. and troll north... set up in 90' roughly and had a fish on before the second rod was set. ended up getting a 9 rod spread out consisting of ff on 2 dipsey and 2 riggers, 2 riggers with spoons, and 3 high lines using cores. picked away at the lakers boating around 16 fish most of which on flasher fly. the highlight of the day happened around 4pm half way down lake on the east side when a rigger running a ff combo popped. I got to the rod and before pulling out of rod holder I am reeling up what seemed like 50' of slack line but then it started to load up. I had a pretty good idea that it was a decent fish.. at least better than the 4-5 # fish we were getting. After a predictable "battle" the net slips under our biggest fish of the day which at weigh in was 9.96#. sadly we went back out after weighing in but skunked out. Should have just gone home and slept! Sunday was another story. pretty much the same approach as Saturday with drastically dif results. boated 3 fish for the day biggest 6.5. saw bait, awesome hooks at varying depths, threw a vast array of gear at them but nuthin. I am sure the full sun and pleasure craft assault did none of us any favors today! Had a great time fishing with my crew and collaborating with my buddy on the blue lund! Kind of wanna come down for some brown and bow redemption but its time to get back on lake O!! Congrats to Brett on P 3 on the laker board and to everyone else that placed! -Dan-
  18. all kings off riggers 41-95 ft down over 100-120 bottom. lakers on bottom or roughly 300' wire 2 setting, skippys and bows on 2,5,7 color. without a probe i just drop gear where i am marking it on the sonar. Good luck!
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