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  1. luremaking.com. I bought black eagle claw laser sharp 3x very happy so far. reasonable price too
  2. I have some flies that are shredded too or that the color has disappeared and they still work as good as the original. some flies are much different looking color wise if run one way or the other though. So many variables! Thanks for thoughts so far!
  3. How many of you run the fly with thread showing vs reverse with material covering the thread? Thanks!
  4. I have made this a bunch of times and it is awesome. Use fresh ginger not powdered! I put the cornstarch in a zip loc and add small amounts of meat at a time and shake. put coated pieces on plate to rest. This helps starch bind to the meat. Dont skimp on the sauce either! For recipe google: PF Changs Mongolian Beef. Enjoy!
  5. I use the Daiwa saltist. It is pricey but I think its worth every penny. High speed retrieve, has been flawless for 4 seasons with moderate use. great drag out of the box. The 30 holds 1000' of wire. good luck
  6. Ranger all the way, coated basket and telescoping octagonal handle!
  7. Sanitarium

    Keuka Lake

    The Beverage Baron/bait shop in PY can give you an idea of conditions also.
  8. 1 & 1/16" thick approx. 8 years old very good condition Penfield/Webster area $350.00 obo I can pm pics upon request unless I can figure out how to post via iphone in classifieds.
  9. Legacy- i am looking for my son also.. where did u find one? I will check out the one in pal mac but i bet its full. thanks, Dan
  10. I had a great day too.......at work:( great job on the kings! With hunting around the corner I fear the PY is gonna get tucked in soon! Dan
  11. kings i boated were between 65-85 ft down over 75-150 fow. r u using riggers? dipseys set so they dont pull drag while trolling just tight enough tho. not sure what and how you were running things.i see a spinning combo in the mix? pm me if u have specific questions. Dan
  12. It was a great evening to be out! mid afternoon bite was better than the evening bite. ff combos on wire and rigger took a majority of our fish!
  13. Great job! thats one heck of a king! You have had an awesome season!
  14. Great job out there! You have spent lots of time at the scales this year! Can't believe it is winding down. Good luck tomorrow!
  15. After a quick peak inside to a 52 degree surface temp and blank screen off we went to deeper water. ended up following a handful of boats to the northwest and set gear around the 26 line and trolled n/nw. trolled from 6-12 went around 12/16. mix of kings and steelies. couple of kings near 10, some skipps, biggest steelie around 8-9. had a decent fish on but came unbuttoned roughly 100 from boat never saw it. temp break is high. big fish hit the 30' rigger. caught fish on riggers from 25-75 and 300-375 copper, 180-280 wire. warrior nbk, gators, watermelon caught most fish. still experiencing a poor ff bite. They used to be my bread and butter. good luck out there! Dan
  16. I launched outta the genny today and took a look in tight but the surface temp was as low as 52 and change to the west of genny towards russell. I saw zippo on the screen! pointed nw and joined the pack. I almost went to sandy to try your skinny water approach but could only fish to 12 so a closer launch seemed a better idea. funny thing is that i was almost to some of my sandy waypoints. lots of motorin.
  17. Nice job! Now I am really uncertain what to do tomorrow! lol
  18. great job and post, nice pix! looks like you got the solo thing workin well! Dan
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