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  1. Pretty slow for most of 600-230pm trip. Went 10/13. 7 kings biggest 26# and the rest much smaller, 3 steelhead biggest maybe 5#. Did not mark any bait very few marks. Hope tomorrow is better!
  2. Great job! Thanks for the report! I am heading to Fairhaven tomorrow!
  3. Wow its been a long time since i have seen a screen like that! I felt an adrenaline rush just reading your post. I bet you were pretty jacked up! Thanks for posting. Dan
  4. Ditto on Hank! Hope he gets you on the water asap! good luck!
  5. Based on monday i would agree! we were a touch deeper i think. not sure where we first boated kings but we ended up in 650 by the end of the day. we made some loops roughly between 550-650. a long haul to get that deep.
  6. Now ya tell me! lol:) Typically we pick a depth, troll north, NE or NW until we mark or start catching. then work that area, i guess we passed over the 400 mark cuz we weren't catching or marking. It is tough to make decisions on where to go thats for sure. thanks for the tip. Dan
  7. nice video! a buddy of mine didnt sign up for the summer loc and boated a 13# steelhead. woulda placed top five. figures doesn't! great job out there! Dan
  8. Decided for a change of scenery and a shorter drive so headed out of the bay. greeted again by mother natures fury! not as bad as 8/17 but close. set up in 250 or so and trolled into the "chop." another slow start then as the seas calmed things picked up. deep was the ticket again my sonar would not cooperate so i didnt get a depth until it laid down late in the day. roughly between 550-650 fow (12-13 miles out)and fish in small pockets. wire divers out 320 produced our biggest kings that were in the 20-21# range. got into more steelhead as we got into the 600 range. riggers at 70 with cheaters produced the steelies. riggers at 110 produced a few kings. spoons on riggers, ff on wire. UV spoons, bretts one hit wonder (lol), our favorite r and r, mangled stinger mag, alewife, gators all took fish. went 20/24 roughly. fished from 630a-730p. biggest steelie was 11#
  9. ended up deep with the best action between the 30-32 line. mostly steelhead with a few smaller kings. boated one around 21#. mostly spoon bite. some nice steelies out there average size was around 8# our biggest around 10#. ssw, gator, alewife, and a mangled hammered mag stinger with no paint. go figure a stinger spoon with peeling paint:( kinda stinks motoring 12 miles offshore for fish... Worried the fish will move in and I will be driving over them heading deep!
  10. congrats on your season so far! I was hoping to place my 11.07 steelhead but it dropped on the second to last weekend with the flurry of big fish that were caught over a 2 day period. had a contender last fall that dropped off the king board also. both fish were a half pound from placing. oh well! reason to keep at it! wish i would have done big fish friday we would have been 5th and 6th... figures! could not find those fish on Saturday either. we boxed our 16# king in the first 15 minutes and thought we might be on them... well that was the only one we fooled! moved in late and nabbed some 6# browns and already had an 8# steelie. decent box but not nearly enough! I cant wait till things heat up! They will, right??!! lol
  11. congrats on the win! I had some misfortunes also... net over board not sure how the net guy throws it overboard but it happened lol! (we had a fish go nuts by the back riggers and my buddy set the net down to help clear a rod)... shootout morning buddy walks right off the dock at SC launch (double d was there) then later that morning snap dipsey rod off untangling inline planer board from wire, the icing on the cake was sunday morning fishing a mile west of braddocks and seeing how fast lake o can change her tune. flat sea to what my crew considered to be 5-6 footers and the lake looked white from all of the cappers. needless to say that was a long and tenuous 8 mile trip back to port! in retrospect we should have targeted lakers given the tough king fishing..oh well. Congrats again! gotta luv fuller spoons!
  12. Wish i could say we hammered the kings but we didn't. we managed a few every day but nothing over 20#, we caught around 40-45 fish and missed a bunch. we logged around 30 hours of trolling over the 2.5 days out. browns and lakers inside of 120 or so, we poked around 180-280 but there wasnt much happening there so we ended up going deep to find kings... 450-550 fow. kings and steelhead out deep were 35-70 feet down. fish on the inside a bit lower in water column. Still cant get much going on the spinny/fly combos yet. 95% of fish on spoons. frogs, dolphins, alewife, and carbon 14 did most of the damage. When my son wasn't sleeping he was either rigging, picking spoons, or reeling in fish. For a brief time he was on the steelhead board with a 10.11 and was in youth biggest steelhead category but it didnt hold:( Like to see some more reports out of Sandy! Radio chatter didn't sound too good Saturday morning.
  13. I have said the same thing every time a king hits the deck. it looks like 20-25 but is 15-19.5 ( have yet to break the 20# mark this year). The 15-20 put up a fight though! Dan
  14. congrats on your fish! not as tasty as walleye but the fight makes up for it! must be the debris and fish all blew your way cuz not much of either in front of Hamlin. oh and sign up for the darn loc!!! 15# Steelhead wtg! Dan
  15. great job out there! we launched just after you in the intruder. you found what we were looking for. we fished all day boated a mix of fish mostly spoon bite, bunch of releases with either no fish or fish off quickly. bunch of fish foul hooked for whatever reason. either an off bite or speed related. lots of down current and waves to keep things interesting. covered lots of water. lots of bait and marks but struggled to get a good bite going especially with flasher/fly. biggest king was 15 ish, biggest brown 7ish, biggest steelie 7-8#, biggest laker 15#. carbon 14 and ssw hottest spoon. boated around 20 fish for our 12+ hour trip missed a bunch. gonna do it again friday!
  16. I cut my trip short today too. i had a young crew and the lake was moving pretty good. i motored to the east about a mile and set up but between wind, currents, and waves i was not getting speed dialed in and was not feelin it so to speak. i saw a couple boats on my way in. i was in a PY intruder. better luck next time. i saw the bait on bottom too and no hooks in it. not the trip i envisioned but thats mother nature for ya!
  17. i used to exclusively fish the fingers once i started hittin lake O i only do derbies on the fingers. I am partial to fishing out of sandy even tho hughes is closer. i seem to be luckier out of sandy! Good luck!
  18. Decided to motor a few miles east of shoot and set up in 80 fow and work deeper in hopes of finding some fish or at least a decent screen went to 500 fow with not much of either. managed 4 fish. 2 14" kings and 2 steelies biggest 6# lost a steelie too. Decided to pick up and head to target the lakers. Originally i was gonna do a laker program out of the gate but changed my mind. At this point it is noon, flat calm and no clouds was worried the fish wouldnt cooperate. Well they did for the most part. ended up boating over a dozen in the next 2 hours biggest 10# most on hammer head mtd dew blades with firedot peanut trailing. My 10 year old had a blast! Until the salmon cooperate ... lakers it is!
  19. he can now run the back of the boat! with the exception of netting fish. i am not gonna lie it is nice just steering the boat and let him switch out gear and reel in the fish.
  20. dont blame ya for switching. i run the 40 and 50# and knock on wood have never had an issue! make sure power pro winds on tight initially or deploy and retrieve entire length behind boat under tension it lays on spool better from what i have seen. i do this periodically too.
  21. power pro backing on all my cores and coppers! no stretch is a huge benefit. splice in a 6-8' section of 40# mono for the boards. i used to use mono backing cuz it is cheaper never again!
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