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  1. Just got home fished from 515a-8p roughly. no mature kings. fished from 40 fow to 450. ended the day roughly 12 for 16. biggest king 10#, steelie 10#, and a 14# laker, the rest small browns or skippies. inside has hooks just tend to feel not many are staging kings. I am not sure what i am missing... thru a bunch of stuff at them. Back at it about 7-8 hours! Dan
  2. 380-450 fow 65, 75,85,105 rigger. dipsey and coppers silent. roughly 5 for 7 out deep. mix of small kings and steelies. 10# biggest of each.
  3. 7 for 10. went deep boated 2 of 4 hits both steelhead 8-10#. oh and its kinda hot!!!
  4. His reaction and my reaction words almost cant describe! He was spent after fighting the fish which nearly swam under the boat and into rigger cables etc. I was exhausted from 45 minutes of praying and maintaining boat position, worrying about my 20# floro leader, my last knot, tangles, etc ya know all things that can lead to disaster. ..When i finally swung the net in and put that fish on the deck it was as if we won a million bucks! Cant wait till the next one just need a few more pounds on it!Dan
  5. Sea IV ... Best of luck with your surgery! Yeah i will be wrapping up fishing for the most part after this weekend. get the PY winterized and stored and get the dust off the lund. I gotta keep knocking on doors to find a place to hunt too! good luck this weekend!Dan
  6. Finally able to post my 3 days of lake O fishing. Saturday headed straight out of bay set up roughly 26 line trolled north to 30 ish and back. Hit a handful of low to mid teen kings, 2-5 to 6# steelies. picked up and reset gear in 120 fow marks down low went 1/2 on browns dredging bottom w ff combos. Sunday started between river and bay.at 150 hit 2 skips between 160-180 or so. kept on a north troll with mostly blank screens. turned at 400 and trolled west/sw towards braddocks . found a few low teens kings and a couple lakers between 220-150 or so. At 558 pm the 400 copper behind tx-44 planer/diver gets freight trained. bobber down and gone for minutes. Hard u turn of boat to not get spooled and to free spool reel to get board up. 15 min battle just to get the board in. hand rod to rod ninja and I throw out a drift bag to keep a slow troll.after one of the best battles i have ever seen i slip the net under our first real mature of 2015. the fight from beginning to end was 45 minutes. that was the longest 45 minutes ever. high fives and fist bumps and hooting and hollaring consumed the next few minutes. It was the 3 rd biggest king i had ever boated and thought he was pushing 30.... well not quite 27# and change! I was not sure my scale was right so i raced to mitchells to be sure. sadly that POS scale was right 27# and 3 oz. missed the board and big fish of the day but man what a memory for both of us. Rod ninja(nick) cant stop looking at the pix! Monday back to reality! lumpy lake. my son josh getting nauseas. had a triple in same area. then a couple lakers and bagged it to spare son from barfing. came back out later afternoon out of river to a more whipped up lake. eventually set up trolled 1.5 hours and went 0/1 with a good rip on 240 dipsey. best spoons carbon 14, watermelon, frostbite. ff bite is nearly nill for me.
  7. Great job on the brownies! i was gonna give the browns a shot saturday morning east of bay but decided to play offshore. kinda wish i worked on the browns! I picked up a handful of low to mid teen kings and a couple steelhead. It was not the action i was hoping for. Par for the season really. Dan
  8. nice job! u musta been pretty busy handling that triple solo! Thanks for posting.
  9. I enjoy watching others bring in the fish more than me cranking them in these days. I get amped up as they get closer and the net comes into play! We need to get these kids out there and hooked. Someday hopefully its waayy in the future i will need one of my boys to take me out! great job on the fish!
  10. nice job! ... hopefully i can get the meat thing figured out. seems its the ticket!
  11. usually at the losing end of wind and wave predictions. given the reports we were blessed with near perfect conditions!
  12. It has been a few weeks since fishing lake o... kids travel sports need i say more! I was not sure the wind was gonna cooperate and at 405am texted my buddy that i was pulling the plug on the trip. After that i again checked the Noaa, weather channel, wx bug, and measurements at buoy. decided we should go and left house at 420 ... got to sandy launch and was surprised it was a ghost town. followed another boat out channel and thought they look like they might know where to go for kings... as i follow they slow and set up for browns in 70' or so. we pressed on and set up i think in the 200-250 range. ended up the best water was 350-450 went around 9/12. 3 kings at around 20 & 2 kings 16-18#. boated 2 small steelhead also and the rest small kings. 300 wire, 325,375 copper, 70 and 90 rigger took fish. green dot w glow fly, kos, gator, bad toad, and FLT custom took fish. mags and standard sizes. 2.3-2.5 gps. it was one of my better days out there this year. glad we went! rod ninja and my buddy jody got to bring in the big ones! nice to see face on an 11 year old or a guy that barely fishes, hold a rod as it peels nearly 400' of wire out. Brett and I shared the captain and first mate position i guess! neither one of us has done much reeling of kings this season. Another great time with friends and my son. you should see this kid go after a rod! here r some pics.. good luck and be safe! Dan
  13. i was walleye fishing on erie this week and the reaction to losing that fish and your gear was not unlike ours when dropping big walleyes half way to boat. Hooked some dandies but many shook off to live another day! great video!
  14. ditto..we fished from 27-30th out of barcelona for our pseudo annual trip. they r shallow and with the calm seas and added boat traffic ..( which was surprising for mon-wed) they eemed to chew more in lower light conditions and to around 10pm. the white bass and drum were relentless. we boated easy 60+ over the 3.2 days of fishing and that is prob low. they hit everything at any speed and the dreaded propeller action of there body pulling thru the water was maddening! night fishing was fun... nice to see the reflection in the eyes as u bring them in. we pulled only sticks for 75% of trip, pulled worm harnesses first day but phased them out of spread. Glad u found some fish! Dan
  15. sure these come up after i order 3 rods from overtons... broke tip from 8' rod. wonder if the 8'6" tip would have matched? let me know if "sale" falls thru! lol. Dan
  16. Will there be one this year? I participated last year and thought it was a great tourney! Hoping there will be one since i will not be able to do SCS:( Dan
  17. can u get from gander? i have to get an 8' too and have those 8'6" ... nice rods
  18. congrats! Were u out of Sandy? I may have launched next to you. Looks like you found a decent class of fish. we picked away at teenagers. Great job!
  19. easy solution... have Bill rig both sides of the boat!!! lol! seriously though.. i remember a few occasions where my buddy and i ran the exact same cowbell combo. i rigged one side he the other. one side always seem to out fish the other. lots of variables .....
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