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  1. how old, how much use, and what is the condition. Thanks, Dan
  2. i hope u r kidding about those 8C tags!! i still have not gotten my license. Dan
  3. Heres a few..ssw, gator, lemon ice, frostbite, c14, bad toad, green dolphin, carmel dolphin, 42nd, candy corn, water melon, crabface, mulatto, spooks, diehard, alewife spoons..these r some of what i run. some days are good and others not. like the others have said there are many other variables to consider. top of the list is a no brainer..., are you fishing where there are fish?? seems to be vast stretches of dead water out there and its a big lake! otherwise.. sometimes long leads sometimes it does not matter. placement in water column, allowing for blow back . i fish the marks cuz i have no probe. speed is huge and when i question speed cuz of wind and down current my bite always suffers. leaders... 20# floro works for me on spoon rods and coppers when pullin spoons. i run anything from nk 28 size to mags. stingray sized stingers seem to produce consistently i think it is a good all around size. It has been a tough year for most of us ...sure some guys do well but they were either lucky, fish often and have things figured out, or got a tip! Hope this helps I know how you feel. Dan
  4. Sad start for sure! At least some peace was brought to the family for your discovery! The not knowing must be agonizing... Hopefully your little guy will want to fish! I have 2 boys one luvs it and the other likes it but gets sea sick easily and is not a big fan of 12 hours days on the water. They get old fast! Congrats on your season.
  5. Definitely some tough fishing out there! we pulled stakes around 130p.. glad we did cuz the south winds started blowin about 1/3 of the way in. Amazing how fast conditions can change out there! did the inside/outside trip again. the bite right in front of genny pier heads was great for the first hour. then the sun came up and things shut down for me. we went 2/5 there and really wish we could have boated those we lost. i doubt they were loc worthy but u never know. one mag spoon came in with about a 60 degree bend in it which gets you thinking about what was on the other end. all mag spoon bite inside except one on j plug but was a small steelhead. we moved mid am and did some prospecting. ended up deep and boated a couple nice steelhead and 9-10# kings. went 4/4 out deep. Had to work for them for sure. I hope things improve over the next few years, guess i am paying my dues now! all rigger bite, all spoon, bad toad, artic ice, gator, C14 were the players today. Planning on hitting the pier heads a few times over the upcoming weeks just to experience that aspect of salmon fishing more.... otherwise i am done!
  6. 2 for 5 in front of genny. one hit folded a mag moonshine a bit. good action first hour.
  7. Just got home fished from 515a-8p roughly. no mature kings. fished from 40 fow to 450. ended the day roughly 12 for 16. biggest king 10#, steelie 10#, and a 14# laker, the rest small browns or skippies. inside has hooks just tend to feel not many are staging kings. I am not sure what i am missing... thru a bunch of stuff at them. Back at it about 7-8 hours! Dan
  8. 380-450 fow 65, 75,85,105 rigger. dipsey and coppers silent. roughly 5 for 7 out deep. mix of small kings and steelies. 10# biggest of each.
  9. 7 for 10. went deep boated 2 of 4 hits both steelhead 8-10#. oh and its kinda hot!!!
  10. His reaction and my reaction words almost cant describe! He was spent after fighting the fish which nearly swam under the boat and into rigger cables etc. I was exhausted from 45 minutes of praying and maintaining boat position, worrying about my 20# floro leader, my last knot, tangles, etc ya know all things that can lead to disaster. ..When i finally swung the net in and put that fish on the deck it was as if we won a million bucks! Cant wait till the next one just need a few more pounds on it!Dan
  11. Sea IV ... Best of luck with your surgery! Yeah i will be wrapping up fishing for the most part after this weekend. get the PY winterized and stored and get the dust off the lund. I gotta keep knocking on doors to find a place to hunt too! good luck this weekend!Dan
  12. Finally able to post my 3 days of lake O fishing. Saturday headed straight out of bay set up roughly 26 line trolled north to 30 ish and back. Hit a handful of low to mid teen kings, 2-5 to 6# steelies. picked up and reset gear in 120 fow marks down low went 1/2 on browns dredging bottom w ff combos. Sunday started between river and bay.at 150 hit 2 skips between 160-180 or so. kept on a north troll with mostly blank screens. turned at 400 and trolled west/sw towards braddocks . found a few low teens kings and a couple lakers between 220-150 or so. At 558 pm the 400 copper behind tx-44 planer/diver gets freight trained. bobber down and gone for minutes. Hard u turn of boat to not get spooled and to free spool reel to get board up. 15 min battle just to get the board in. hand rod to rod ninja and I throw out a drift bag to keep a slow troll.after one of the best battles i have ever seen i slip the net under our first real mature of 2015. the fight from beginning to end was 45 minutes. that was the longest 45 minutes ever. high fives and fist bumps and hooting and hollaring consumed the next few minutes. It was the 3 rd biggest king i had ever boated and thought he was pushing 30.... well not quite 27# and change! I was not sure my scale was right so i raced to mitchells to be sure. sadly that POS scale was right 27# and 3 oz. missed the board and big fish of the day but man what a memory for both of us. Rod ninja(nick) cant stop looking at the pix! Monday back to reality! lumpy lake. my son josh getting nauseas. had a triple in same area. then a couple lakers and bagged it to spare son from barfing. came back out later afternoon out of river to a more whipped up lake. eventually set up trolled 1.5 hours and went 0/1 with a good rip on 240 dipsey. best spoons carbon 14, watermelon, frostbite. ff bite is nearly nill for me.
  13. Great job on the brownies! i was gonna give the browns a shot saturday morning east of bay but decided to play offshore. kinda wish i worked on the browns! I picked up a handful of low to mid teen kings and a couple steelhead. It was not the action i was hoping for. Par for the season really. Dan
  14. nice job! u musta been pretty busy handling that triple solo! Thanks for posting.
  15. I enjoy watching others bring in the fish more than me cranking them in these days. I get amped up as they get closer and the net comes into play! We need to get these kids out there and hooked. Someday hopefully its waayy in the future i will need one of my boys to take me out! great job on the fish!
  16. nice job! ... hopefully i can get the meat thing figured out. seems its the ticket!
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