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  1. pm me with a phone number and i will text u some pix. i have 2 full booms minus end pulley. they do have the fixed pulley near where the base would be. booms roughly 42"
  2. i might have some I will look and get back to u. I believe i have 2 full 36 or 48 booms! no pulleys tho Dan
  3. u can buy pipe the same size as that used for pedestal and likely save money. i use a section of that same pipe in my front pedestal mount to hold my net. here is what i use to hold my planer mast. insert mast and you r set no straps needed. i used nylon self locking nuts to prevent them backing out.
  4. I tried those mini clamp on riggers on the transom of my lund years ago and as others have said they are hard to crank with a rigger weight larger than 6-8 pounds esp if fishing deep for lakerd. 20 years ago my brother in law had a 16' row boat with a 9.9 hp and he made a mount for the transom that accepted cannon riggers. one mount per side in the corners. worked great and we used 12# weights. it sure kept the guy in the back busy tho! lots of used manual riggers on this site too. good luck
  5. 1993 Penn Yan Intruder 255 Just before heading to storage... lotta work cleaning and waxing! Come on spring! or a decent day with light wind!
  6. thats what i was thinking ifishy.... 30# mono lays tighter than 45# copper. more voids in the overlay. etc. maybe there is an equation for that too! lol
  7. I have an old vertical propane smoker and looking to go electric also. price points are good on the 30" electrics. heck yeah on the smoked wings! rub , smoke, sauce and grill 2-2.5 hours
  8. If you order from US plastics the shipping kills you. I went to Corbell plastics in Rochester/chili on Paul rd. ordered 2 pieces... one for tailgate and one for my deer processing station. call first as they cut to your specs. awesome stuff.. ask for scraps you might get lucky and get a bonus board!
  9. I talked to cannon today and they said not only has the design changed but so has the material used. I was reassured that I should not worry about the swivel base failing. Time will tell but the fact it is a new design is a big relief.
  10. Well my new mag 10 stx have arrived. new pulley design, looks like some changes to the low profile base also. gonna look at them for another 2-3 months until i can get rig from storage! I will post late spring after i get some use out of them!
  11. TMD- What happened that the base broke? almost broke? I had one crack where the pin goes in to rotate the base but the rigger itself stayed put! Thanks
  12. Gambler... elaborate on the small increments issue if u dont mind!! Dan
  13. i just opened up this forum to ask the same question. I hope more guys chime in and give good pros and cons of each. I just ordered 2 mag 10 stx mainly because i already have cannon bases on the boat and felt fairly certain they are a good rigger based on some conversations i have had. I have seen some things on amazon reviews that make me a little concerned. the biggest concern is cables poppin off pulley and that they are too fast. i run cowbells and ff combos and dont wanna see them release or wrap around cable because they are droppin too fast. Also how good are they at dropping/raising in small increments? Thanks for your input! Dan
  14. each guy picks a rod and set up to run on it. biggest fish of trip takes the prize! lol!
  15. followed this recipe i found online. It was awesome! Enjoy!!
  16. Down size the rig a little. drop price of ticket. have the tourney. payout for top spots. is this a trout only deal? the more species = more payouts. Those that place in tourney get an additional raffle ticket (s) maybe overall winner gets 2 more. others get 1. shake the can and pull the winner. i am fine with canandaigua lake sometime mid to late june. after Can. Trout Derby Good luck! Dan
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