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  1. I feel like i am cheating on my Lund! Using that seat was not only a cost saving measure but helps me with the sentimental aspect of not using the Lund as much. The Intruder was great could not be happier with it! Definitely more space than the Lund and my 10 yr old enjoyed the cuddy for a long nap! A bit more work loading at launch tho!
  2. Congrats! Having waypoints that produce 15-20# lakers are good ones to have! I have not targeted the lakers but I am considering it for my next trip to hopefully keep my 2 boys busy!
  3. Headed NW out of the shoot and set up in 100fow trolled west then pointed N. We had a decent screen early with bait and good hooks in it but the fish werent really cooperating. headed deeper and had sporadic action on out to 230-280 be the best. we worked that area for a bit, then headed deeper got out past 350 and decided to turn in since screen was blank. we were gonna go to 450-500. after reading JG post out of Sandy we should have kept going out. oh well! we fished from 630-230, went 14 for 14, the PY Intruder was awesome! no real hot spoons we got fish on watermelon, left over pizza, dwss fircracker (i think), ssw, and wonderbread, flt alewife. biggest was the 11.07 steelie! and we got a 10+ laker.
  4. finger lakes tackle...Have yet to pull a lure of his that wont catch a fish. quality paint too unlike others.
  5. Nice job! i saw similar conditions on sunday out of hughes with temps colder on surface than you. N/S troll best for me, wish i got a king! haven't heard a screamer yet ... ! b fuller left over pizza was my hot lure on the five color.
  6. fished from 80-240, best depth was 220 range. boated a mix of lakers and bows. most on the 5 color, few on 100 copper, 240 dipsey took 2 bows with ff combo. no rigger bite to speak of despite my son chasing the fish raising them up and down. biggest was 12# laker and 7# bow. great day to be out... the wind cooperated for a change!
  7. interested in the walleye boards and dodgers can u provide a pic. i live in penfield. thanks.
  8. I always have a watermelon spoon in the water. usually hammered, mix of copper or silver finish. they catch everything.
  9. I purchased 2 10' okuma dipsey rods 2 years ago. I noticed late last season that the wire guides were getting a groove worn in almost everyone of them. I decided to contact okuma. I was amazed that they agreed to send 2 new ones. I had to send them a section of the rod with the numbers on it and a $15.00 shipping fee. I am glad they stood behind their product. The guides are no longer gold I hope that means they are made of a better material. I have a lot of okuma gear and other than these rods it has held up well for me! Hope this helps! Dan
  10. agreed and the tackle they have is usually overpriced!
  11. this was probably a topic in question before but i didnt come across it. i wanna re rig all of my coppers and make 2 more so the total copper needed is around 1500+ ft. I dont want to buy 1500' of something that is not recommended by trusted LOU members! thanks for everyones input, yes still unsure on which! lol
  12. when you run other coppers on boards plus one down shoot doesnt the shoot rod always have to come in? what specific pike bobber is used? thanks
  13. just curious the consensus on what brand of copper folks run. I started with opti-tackle then rigged some other rods with bloodrun, both 45#. have to say the bloodrun is the one that consistently gets kinked, fouled up, birds nests on the spool where as opti does not or at least when it does it is easier to fix. Bloodrun feels too soft to me. Thanks for input!
  14. perch predator.... 1 quart of white vinegar or did u mean 1 quart of water? i am trying to picture what pickled smoke fish tastes like.
  15. i have had some fried salmon that was pretty good. here are my recs: smaller fish, cut into fish stick portions, trim off all fat, etc, rinse and rinse, the final rinse i add lemon juice to water and let fish soak for a few minutes, rinse again. yellow cornmeal seasoned and salted to preference. roll pieces in coating, let coated pieces sit to help it bind to fish. then fry. i prefer small pieces over big because it allows more surface area of coating and flavor, and easier to handle. enjoy
  16. the fish will hold together well. i cut filets in 6-8 inch lengths to make handling easier that way they dont break as you lift off of the rack
  17. plus you can remove the fat and the smoke/brine penetrates both sides evenly. better taste. imo
  18. I have gotten pretty good results mixing golden dipt beer batter with louisiana seasoned fish fry (both at wegmans). I use 50/50 ratio with enough beer to get the right consistency fry in 350-375 oil. its the best of both worlds! This was a big batch of Walleye cut fillets into large fish sticks. It was awesome!
  19. How thick was the ice over the 135' fow on Keuka. thanks, Dan
  20. just saw this thread... I will definitely keep your wife and family in my thoughts and prayers as well! Just remember the squeaky wheel gets the grease... I work in health care... be persistent! Dan
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