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  1. Is it legal to fish in the 1000 islands in the US now around New York side? Or does the virus lockdown prohibit it?
  2. In the early 1900s guides use to row skiffs out in the 1000 islands and fish for musky using cane/bamboo poles without reals(just line and a baited hook) and land huge fish regularly. I wasn't there but I read the stories and saw the photos. Today that doesn't happen. The guides today use down riggers, electric motors, expensive tackle, cameras etc.and are lucky to land a musky or 2 an entire season. The fishing has declined in certain ways even in the mighty St Lawrence, yet it still is the best option around. The same decline goes for the ADK, except that the muskies were always fewer and smaller in the ADK to begin with.
  3. fair haven is not in the ADK so you are comparing apples to oranges. Not even the bass master elites pull in 40 bass in 1/2 day and they spend thousands of dollars trying and lots of hours of practice. Certainly not in the ADK! I've fished fair haven 50 years ago and you might catch 30 strawberry bass in a full day if you worked at it. But the strawberry bass are pretty much extinct and the rest don't bite nearly as much today It is what it is. Fishing all over the country has declined in most waters over the past 50 years, but the ADK has really suffered. Not sure why anyone would need to mention the ADK on a 1000 islands forum either, as the 1000 islands is superior in every way.
  4. The ADK is great for camping and hiking. In the early 70s it was still great for fishing, You might catch 40 bass in 3 days if you fished it hard. By the 80's that all changed. If it were still as good, fisherman would come. By the way fisherman normally take pictures of the good ones, so I don't think it's asking much to post a picture. Even in the St Lawrence you will not catch 40 legal size bass in 3 days and the St Lawrence is the best bass fishery in New York. 50 years ago I remember seeing stringers with multiple pike(3-4) over 30 inches long being hauled over to fish cleaning stations every day in the St. Lawrence. You don't see that happening today anywhere in the St Lawrence, so what was isn't what is today. Same goes for the ADK only more so.
  5. 40 bass in 3 days is hard to believe. Next time post pictures. Fishing today is not nearly as good in the ADK as it was from what I know, that's why many people stopped going there. Acid rain killed alot of the fish in lakes years ago, from what I know. St. Lawrence had fared better, although the pike and muskies not so much. If you are older and have fished both you will probably know this.
  6. Blind Bay? Where is that near? Also which end was better fishing, Alexandria or Blind?
  7. Big Johnson - Do you find the bite is better when the water is calmer versus windy weather. It seems to be the case for me. I mean at 40 feet down, I'd think boat traffic wouldn't matter, unless it moves your line?
  8. Just for what it's worth. Tried to rent a boat at the Clayton marina for multiple days and they never responded the first time. A few weeks later tried again for just one day and they they told me no boats available. Really poor business on their end as they would have made money off me. I would have rented for several days at ~ 300/day. Eventually I'll buy a boat when I retire and keep it up there during the summers. Renting boats is really expensive.
  9. I'm out of state and used the NY decals.dec.ny.gov website to order my 7-day fishing license with no problem. When I ordered my son's license, the web browser never returned and I can't print his license. It shows active in the DEC system. If we get stopped on the water by a warden would showing his license via dec website on a phone be acceptable? They warn about this problem on website but don't offer a workaround. At the same time I can't purchase another license online as it says it overlaps in dates.
  10. Thanks, do you use metal or mono leaders or would they spook the pike, bass too much?
  11. Mr. Crowley, what did you catch the bass and northern on in eel bay if I can ask? Also which side of eel bay?
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