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  1. ? https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Costa-del-Mar-Reefton-Blackout-Frame-Blue-Mirror-580G-Lens-RFT01OBMGLP/263741286723?epid=2255379120&hash=item3d6834a943:g:EQwAAOSwgMNbK5Hz
  2. Brahmabull71

    for sale : usa 2 Cisco singles

    Do you still have the single tubes?
  3. Brahmabull71

    Fishing the west end labor day weekend.

    There are a few in the river also. This one was 8.6lbs we got on a blow day last year. We used a 3-way rig with harnesses and a 3oz weight on bottom. Kicked boat sideways and drifted close to bank North of Lewiston ramp about 1.2 miles. Perch were right by the ramp. Enough to scratch an itch. The last night of our trip we went to Chautauqua and perch fished and the algae was so bad we left early.
  4. Brahmabull71

    Fishing the west end labor day weekend.

    We will be there Thursday Afternoon until Monday from Ohio. We have two smaller 19’ boats so weather will play a roll on where we fish. Looks like it could be “sporty” as of now. We have a house in Olcott and plan to fish here or Point Breeze. We may end up perching in the Niagara River like last year if weather is too bad.
  5. What size are these? Thanks!
  6. Brahmabull71

    for sale : usa Ugly Stik CAL 1101

    Sold! Please remove!
  7. I have 2 Ugly Stik CAL 1101’s that are 6’6” Medium Heavy in GREAT condition. These would make great rigger rods. Asking $30.00 each or best offer. Located Northwest of Columbus,OH. I will be in Olcott / Point Breeze area 8/30 - 9/3. Buyer pays shipping.
  8. I have two fixed position Cisco rod holders for a tree mast. I would take $50.00 each for them or best offer. I’m located Northwest of Columbus, OH. I will be in Olcott / Point Breeze area 8/30 - 9/3. Buyer pays shipping.
  9. Does this happen to have the roller tip?
  10. Brahmabull71

    Weather Predictions for Thursday 8-22

    Good luck Hooked Up! We will be up 8/30 - 9/3 from just north of Columbus. Brahmabull
  11. Brahmabull71

    2 Okuma Coldwater CD303D Reels

    If you buy them from certain places (like Capt. Chuck’s) they upgrade the drags in them. This is how I bought two of mine...spooled with wire and upgraded drags. If I close my eyes, I can’t feel the difference between mine and a Tekota. Thanks for the update!
  12. Brahmabull71

    2 Okuma Coldwater CD303D Reels

    Do they have drag upgrades by chance? TIA
  13. I will take them. Please ship to 43342! Paypal to follow. Brahmabull