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  1. I have 14 Cold Waters built from Tuna Toms and Capt Chuck’s. Have used many Tekotas and Use Diawas for Walleye, and will say the Tekotas are ‘better’ but with the upgrades the CW’s are in my mind equally as smooth. Stock drags are sticky and suck. The Cold Waters WITH the upgrades have never ever failed. I run wire divers with Seaguar Salmon 30lb with clear snubbers and have never had an issue will all types...copper, wires and rigger reels. Brahmabull
  2. Hey guys, I have two complete sets of Cisco tracks with two bases per side that fit a Tracker Versatrak mounting system. The track is 12” long and is on 2 - 90 degree Cisco brackets designed for those who do not want to drill holes in their boat. These would also fit Lund Pro V style tracks (90 degree) if you changed the 1/4” x 20 bolts out to the Lund style bolts which you could call Dave and get. Each track base has two thumb screws each. I run trees on them and they are rock solid. There are also two thumb screws per set that won’t allow the accessories to slide out of the track. Total set is over $360 from Cisco. I will take $310 for the set. I will not separate or sell components. - Buyer pays shipping or we can meet around central Ohio or up around Erie’s Western Basin on designated weekends. - I accept cash in person, Venmo, PayPal or checks that clear prior to shipping. Thanks for looking! Brahmabull
  3. ? https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Costa-del-Mar-Reefton-Blackout-Frame-Blue-Mirror-580G-Lens-RFT01OBMGLP/263741286723?epid=2255379120&hash=item3d6834a943:g:EQwAAOSwgMNbK5Hz
  4. Do you still have the single tubes?
  5. There are a few in the river also. This one was 8.6lbs we got on a blow day last year. We used a 3-way rig with harnesses and a 3oz weight on bottom. Kicked boat sideways and drifted close to bank North of Lewiston ramp about 1.2 miles. Perch were right by the ramp. Enough to scratch an itch. The last night of our trip we went to Chautauqua and perch fished and the algae was so bad we left early.
  6. We will be there Thursday Afternoon until Monday from Ohio. We have two smaller 19’ boats so weather will play a roll on where we fish. Looks like it could be “sporty” as of now. We have a house in Olcott and plan to fish here or Point Breeze. We may end up perching in the Niagara River like last year if weather is too bad.
  7. I have 2 Ugly Stik CAL 1101’s that are 6’6” Medium Heavy in GREAT condition. These would make great rigger rods. Asking $30.00 each or best offer. Located Northwest of Columbus,OH. I will be in Olcott / Point Breeze area 8/30 - 9/3. Buyer pays shipping.
  8. I have two fixed position Cisco rod holders for a tree mast. I would take $50.00 each for them or best offer. I’m located Northwest of Columbus, OH. I will be in Olcott / Point Breeze area 8/30 - 9/3. Buyer pays shipping.
  9. Good luck Hooked Up! We will be up 8/30 - 9/3 from just north of Columbus. Brahmabull
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