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  1. Great to see those SMILES of the Younger Fishermen & Fisherwomen !
  2. Thank You , Your explanation makes it clear. Good Fishing To You !
  3. Thanks, but you open up a new line of questions.( Pinned Cheater ) is it similar to a Stacker or Slider ?
  4. Hello , The term you used( MUPPED ) Would you please explain that term, and the use. Thank you for your insightful Reports.
  5. Todd we just arrived today Olcott will text you tomorrow with what's going on( Jack 614 six 1 nine 4 8 four eight)
  6. Nice report See you on the water Monday , CH 68 SQUIRE Will Work With any and All.
  7. Keep the Good reports coming. I'll be up 8/1-8/6 I'll be posting all our results. Work well with others , CH 68 Squire. Out of Olcott .
  8. Great reports from all, we'll be up 8/1 - 8/6 out of Olcott. CH 68 ( SQUIRE) Will Work with All. Will be watching for updates Thanks
  9. Hello group, I'm new to using wire on dream weaver 124mm diving disk. My question is i'v loaded 2 reels with blood run stainless diver wire to use with the124mm disk,i can't find any dive curve for the pair. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated,Thanks 30# .015
  10. Sorry can't answer that question about State ramps ,haven't received a reply back from the State DNR.
  11. Thanks ,Walleye's are JUMPING in the boat on ERIE. Were not completely shut down but very close. Heedin my Governor and President's 15 day self isolation . The Fish will be there when this is over and so will I.
  12. Hello All, I'm a fisherman from Ohio , planning on another early August trip this year out of Olcott/Newfane area. What kind of restriction does the state and local municipality have in place now ? Lodging and boat slip needed to send in deposit. Any info would be GREAT Thanks Squire
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