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  1. hello thank u and i wonder come with planer mast and downriggers and kicker motor ?
  2. hello i want to see the picture of grady`white pls
  3. hello i wonder Is the boat still there or sold out? thank u Dave z
  4. helllo i wonder come with downriggers and kicker motor?
  5. hello i wonder Is still available ? my address is [email protected] thank u Dave
  6. hello Sorry i been working all the times !!!! Great!! i would like to ask u some question abt the boat i wonder the boat come with full winter coverage and how is transom floor ? how many engine hrs? and come with kicker motor what about autopilot? how many do have find fish? thank u Dave
  7. David Zanavich

    for sale : usa LUND BOAT FOR SALE

    sorry i bother u very late night i wonder can i ask u a question abt ur boat? i would to like to know how many hrs of Honda 90 hp? and how is hull riviet? and what abt transom floor? do u have own full winter coverage ? cuz i dislike to see open the boat or dirty too what i mean ? i wonder come with 2 downriggers and fish find? thank u i tell u i being to interest to buy ur boat but need discuss it before buy it what i mean? thank u again i hope so i will hear from u soon ::: good night Dave Z
  8. hello Jamie i wonder do u have own paperwork from an inspected ?plus other things too
  9. David Zanavich

    for sale : usa LUND BOAT FOR SALE

    hello i wonder Is still there or sold out thank u dave
  10. David Zanavich

    Sold / Closed 22' Sea Nymph GLS

    hello i wonder Is this boat still there or sold out? thank u dave
  11. hello i wonder still avabailty boat?
  12. hello i wonder Is still avaibalty ? my email address is [email protected]
  13. hello i wonder this boat still avabilty ?
  14. hello i would lie to know how much weigh the boat? and how is transom floor ? thank u Dave my email address is [email protected] PS i wonder come with full winter canvas and window plastic cuz i fishing on Lake Michigan and Saginaw Bay too
  15. hello i wonder is sold out or still there ? my email address [email protected] thank u dave
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