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  1. I will take 10 6 packs let me know when there ready so I can get you shipping info and payment.
  2. Look on tangled tackle YouTube he’s got a great knot kind of similar to a polomar. Then I use very small heat shrink tubing to seal it up
  3. I do 40 lb cheap 4 carrier braid to 50’ of 30 mono that the diver runs on then bead then swivel then flasher. I like the mono for the stretch and the slide diver locks on well. Power pro is really nice line but I cannot justify the expense when the cheapest I can by has not caused a problem yet.
  4. If you get time Bill Saiff, Russel from The Reel Shot (formerly anglers Avenue) and Chris at Tangled Tackle all have some very good videos.
  5. How were you planning on mounting the radar. I am looking to put one on a smaller boat and am interested how that would work
  6. Two thoughts I think Gill-T was going in a good direction I think not doubling over any kind of wire line to make the connection has some advantages. Have you thought about putting 3” of heat shrink on the wire before beginning to tie the braid on then when you are done with the knot cut the wire in the already shrunk tubing. Alternatively you could get a crimp and slide it down one of the lines before tying then crimp the very end of the knots after tying to prevent frays. Just a few thoughts.
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