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  1. Bought a boat this year and still not familar with the hds9 but I went to Barcelona and realized there's no chip for erie in it. I have 1 for lake o, it is downloaded but works. What would you suggest I buy for erie, I don't fish there very often, walleye far and few between. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. It's a fhsp chip. Thanks for any help.
  2. What size hook on mags, stingers? I want to try it on a few lures and see what I think. Thanks for all your input.
  3. I totally agree just trying to save as many as I can. If I think a fish wont make it I will keep it.
  4. What size hooks and what brand do you use.
  5. Thanks for all the great replies, I will put them to use. Nothing worse than releasing a fish and see it go belly up.
  6. Thanks for your help, I,ll try those techniques.
  7. I am releasing all the fish I catch and was wondering what is the fastest, safest way to get the fish back in the water. Sometimes when they eat 3 hooks it's taking me awhile to get the hook out.
  8. Bought at fishing expo in niagara falls last fall. Bought it from a charter captain out of olcott in one of his semnars. He said it was only used twice and I beleive him, I bought a boat with a fishhawk on it and dont need it. $73 picked up.
  9. Fish hawk td used twice, $75 shipped, or pick up in Wilson.
  10. Thanks for hooking this newbie up, saved a ton.
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