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  1. There is four brand new ones on Ebay for $125.
  2. Just went and checked out the launch at tusc and there is quite a bit of debris (cattails and some smaller logs) at the entrance. You can launch a boat but if your the first one there your probably gonna want a pair of knee high boots to move some wood out of your way. I asked them if they would clean the launch out but we will see how that goes.
  3. What knot are you using on the #8 Spro swivel I am having trouble with a palomar knot on 20lb flouro.
  4. I dont know, it should be changed.
  5. mrwalleye it would be $12 to ship to you.
  6. 2 shimano triton gt2000 reels, made in japan in good condition. $100 located in Wilson
  7. 4 rod holders that can swivel 360 and be placed at any angle. Approx 13 inches tall, located in Wilson. $100 $100
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