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  1. mlvn_prry I would like to try this. I am currently running a blacks release snapped onto my downrigger on the top and snapped on the ball on the bottom. My question is what would be best to use to make a 3ft lead, lb test, so I can move my ball down from my release? Right now my ball is snapped directly to release. Thanks for your input.
  2. My filter looked like that this year, just changed filter no issues.
  3. Just put one in my boat, USA made by East Penn, nice batteries.
  4. Still for sale,located in Wilson.
  5. Penn reel works as it should in good condition. $25
  6. I have 2 Great Lakes LC47 reels, work as they should, line counters work. One has 25lb big game the other single strand wire. $ 75 for both of them.
  7. No problem. More than deep enough.
  8. There is four brand new ones on Ebay for $125.
  9. Just went and checked out the launch at tusc and there is quite a bit of debris (cattails and some smaller logs) at the entrance. You can launch a boat but if your the first one there your probably gonna want a pair of knee high boots to move some wood out of your way. I asked them if they would clean the launch out but we will see how that goes.
  10. What knot are you using on the #8 Spro swivel I am having trouble with a palomar knot on 20lb flouro.
  11. I dont know, it should be changed.
  12. mrwalleye it would be $12 to ship to you.
  13. 2 shimano triton gt2000 reels, made in japan in good condition. $100 located in Wilson
  14. 4 rod holders that can swivel 360 and be placed at any angle. Approx 13 inches tall, located in Wilson. $100 $100
  15. Thanks for your reply's What size do you use for magnum and standard? Who makes them?.
  16. Wondering about putting eyes on my spoons, Is this good or bad and what to use?
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