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  1. Thank you for the links, looks like the bay buoy is off line, the lake buoy is working. I.ve been using the Marine forecast and Forrest Lawn Beach Cam which seems to be not real reliable.
  2. Fished Sodus yesterday and noticed a Buoy, NE of the mouth of the channel about 1/2 mile. Is it new? or have I just missed seeing it until yesterday? Does anyone know how to access data from it?
  3. I'll take two sets. I'll send $21.00 to your pay pal.
  4. I'll get back to you this afternoon. Going fishing.
  5. Same colors for now but would like to see what you have for other colors.
  6. I need replacement fly's do you sell just the fly?
  7. Yes it is easy, go to the parks and rec. you'll need your vehicle registration so they can copy it. Pay $5.00.You can plan ahead also and pay for a future date. Or you can get a non resident season pass for &100.00. By the way this is Doug Nichol from Sentry.
  8. Nice video Anthony ,We've been catching a lot of Lakers out of Bear Creek.
  9. We're planning on fishing Canandaigua tomorrow morning, the wind is forecast for NW 10 to 15 mph . How will the South end be for a 16' Deep V? Maybe the North End would be best? How is the fishing at the North end?
  10. I have a swivel base on the rigger now the black plastic type. I'm guessing that would fit on the riser??? So I think the non swivel one would work? Where are you located at?
  11. Looking for a Cannon 6"riser, used.
  12. I've been eating it for awhile now, tastes like a mix of chicken and an old lake trout.
  13. Checked it out on Google Earth and the web site. Looks like an easy access to the lake. So I should go in the next couple of weeks before the water warms to much. Thanks for the information.
  14. Think I'll pass on that then. I just want to fish the lake, don't need an adventure. lol
  15. Does anyone know where is a good place to launch? I have a 16' Deep V so I don't need anything fancy, just a ramp with dock.
  16. I just bought a used TD and haven't tried it yet but will later today. I'll let you know how mine works, Does seem odd that at 60 it reads 100.
  17. Hello, What is a short core? Thanks for your products, been slamming the Lake trout.
  18. Oh that's odd. Someone screwed up on the design eh. I have a 16' deep v, will I be able to tie off to the dock while parking the trailer? I fish mostly by myself. Guess maybe it's it's time to find a retired fishing partner.
  19. Last I heard it was closed. Any change?
  20. Doug N

    for sale : usa Sold

    I'll take it if it's still for sale?
  21. Some reason I didn't see outwest post.
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