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  1. I usually check the spoon boat side. I usually adjust speed first then . Once my spread is out and the speed seems to be working if a spoon doesn’t look the way you want, I will usually adjust the bend in the nose or front(away from hooks). Very small bend will increase action and flatten for less. Evil eyes and flutter devils are great for this. I try to avoid spinning (too fast) or swaying (slow). I prefer to see it moving like a stick bait side to side serpentine. Like the illusion of a pencil bending when moved up and down centered in your fingers. Thinner spoons work best for tuning. Large snap swivels will dull the action as will large heavy hooks. Those days when one lure is doing all the work is usually a lure that has incredible action. That’s just my opinion hope it helps
  2. Good stuff Sam, love when the catching is good out our way
  3. It felt like the south wind blew the warm surface water out and brought the cold water in. Makes for clear water in shallow and scattered fish. Bad for browns but it looks like bait has moved in to spawn so kings may follow. Hope to see some surface temp breaks set up soon. Time will tell
  4. That’s how it was for us. The ones that don’t stick leave a lasting impression on slow days
  5. Good luck out there, keep us posted. Woke up to rain and thunder. Packed up and headed home. Went 2 for 3 yesterday with 1 brown and 1 small king. Marks in 40/90 fow from high rocks to nine mile. Small diver off board and 40 down on rigger, spoons
  6. Slow day ,0 for 1. Worked down past plant heading back now
  7. Hooked up probably a king 50 fow straight out of mexico. Well so much for that. Got off but I have a starting point.
  8. Going up tomorrow morning should be on the water by 9:00 am. Fishing out of little salmon river. Did pretty good last weekend. Hoping to repeat. Fished in shallow for browns but will probably try deeper for salmon in the afternoon. Usually 60 to 120 fow produces this time of year. I use channel 68.
  9. I’ll keep an eye out for you next time we’re out. Maybe we could share some info
  10. I saw your post and tried to figure out what boat was yours but couldn’t find it. I thought you mentioned it was white and blue and by the launch. I have a grey and maroon Sea Nymph 23’ in a slip by the entrance. I will keep an eye out for you. I am usually on channel 68
  11. Just wanted to thank everybody for the reports. We also fish out of Salmon Country Marina. We fished from the little salmon river up to the grindstone creek. We fished between 6-20 fow. Good brown trout bite on Michigan stinger spoons. Gold perch was the best. We did well in water temperatures in the mid 50s. Focused on the outflows- snake creek and sage creek.
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