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  1. Nice fish! Assuming the blue jaguar spoon is a color, who manufactures them? Thanks
  2. Nice fish. What size Salmon Viagra spoon did you use? Trying to build up my tackle selection before heading to Lake Ontario in a few weeks.
  3. Thanks for your feedback. I'm new to the site and am anxious to fish Lake Ontario as part of my Great Lakes bucket list. So you have to forgive me for all the questions. I did get an annual non-resident license starting on July 1. From the beam of your boat in the photo, it looks like you might have a boat similar to mine. I have a 17' Lowe 170WT. Was wondering how far back from your transom do you have your riggers mounted? I have 12" Bert's tracks and 8" risers, but not sure if I want to mount the rigger(s) on each riser or run a rigger board of either flat aluminum or rectangular tubing from riser to riser for more rigidity, then mount the rigger(s) on top of it. Any suggestions would be helpful. Again, I apologize for the questions. Jim
  4. Very nice! Looked like a beautiful day to be out on the water. I'm envious. Trying to figure out a configuration on my boat to install a down rigger today. Were you using spoons or meat rigs, divers lead core or riggers? Thanks.
  5. Nice job on the steel and kings. How far out of port to get to the 240' range? I have a 17' Lowe w/70 HP Yamaha. Also, what are the best winds for fishing out of the Olcott area? I would assume anything with a south component would be good. Not knowing the area, any help is appreciated. Thinking about making a trip soon. Thanks.
  6. Do you have any information on boat launches? Thanks.
  7. Good report. What was your speed for the spoons? Thanks.
  8. My name is Jim and I live in Northwest Ohio (Toledo). I'm an Air Force veteran and retired environmental health specialist. I've been fishing for as long as I can remember. I would love to fish Lake Ontario for the fantastic salmon fishing. I have a 17' Lowe with a 70HP Yamaha and no kicker. I've fished Lake Michigan for salmon, but my deep water gear is limited to Magnum dipsy divers and lead core. I have a Scotty 1101 electric down rigger ordered and need to work on the rigger installation before bringing the boat over for a trip. I plan to do a recon (without my boat) of the western lake area in the next few weeks and would appreciate any information regarding boat ramps to check out, and places to stay over for a few days. Looking forward to another new fishing adventure. Any and all information is greatly appreciated.
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