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    Finally getting back up to Oneida this coming Friday. My fishing partner/son has had National Guard duty for the past month so haven't been up in some time. Going to launch at Oneida Shores for the first time. We usually launch at South launch. Hope the fishing is good.
  2. wormser

    Oneida 5/1

    Thanks for sharing. I was only running 1.6 so I'll try speeding up a bit. It's fun learning and when you do start connecting.
  3. wormser

    Oneida 5/1

    We were out until 3:30 from south launch and did some trolling the last bit. We picked up 2. Can I ask you what speed you were trolling? Just starting to learn trolling for walleye.
  4. I've never fished a derby of any sort but my brother in law and myself might do it for fun. Do we have to launch at a specific location and do you bring the fish to the weigh in live? Do most people bring them live or in a cooler?
  5. Would you care to share how you make it into dog food? Been thinking the same thing. It's probably much healthier option.
  6. How deep of water and how deep are the fish typically this time of year? I hope to get the boat on the water in the next week or two and have never fished this time of year.
  7. Thanks. I was out last night. Only one rod for a short troll as the in-laws were with. I got one to the boat but it came unbuttoned as we were going to net it. Good enough for me. I think letting more line out was a key as I was only letting out about 150.
  8. I have the Dreamweaver 5 which can get me down over 80ft. I figured I would get downriggers over time but for the rest of this year we will only use dipsys. We've only been out 2 times so far and caught one laker.
  9. Hey all. Looking for advice on rigging tips as a newbie. I currently have 2 dipsy rods to troll with and that's it. I have a few spoons, flies, cowbells. I'm looking for any advice on how far do you go back from the dipsy to the flasher/cowbell then how far behind that to spoon/fly. What swivel do you use at each connection. I'll be fishing Cayuga so any advice on depths/speeds/color baits(I'm colorblind so that's always fun) etc would be appreciated. If you see a new Lund out there that looks like they are clueless feel free to chuckle and excuse me if I break a trolling rule until I learn.
  10. I happened to fish with these guys a few weeks ago and then joined this site to learn more. Both of the guys were fantastic. I sat near the captain most of the day and he talked over and over about staying out of the way of other boats, multiple times taking us out to unproductive water until it was clear. At one point we crossed the lake and he made sure we weren't cutting anyone off before we started setting up again. You have his name and charter name. I'd bet if you called him you will find him to be a nice guy. Both of these guys shared a lot of knowledge for me to get started. He took a few phone calls to share what was working with others. Sometimes people mess up without bad intentions.
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