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  1. Keith- I am making the trek out to Henderson on Saturday as well. I have the same plan as you- hoping to fish for kings, but will target eyes and browns if the wind doesn't cooperate. Shoot me a PM when you're out there
  2. Some of my best days have been when the weather is snotty... I think I prefer not getting beat up all day though. I am heading out to Henderson Harbor this weekend and spending the following week out there. I've heard the salmon have been hard to ignite so far.. has anyone been doing anything with browns or steelhead around the trench/mountain/finger?
  3. I will be heading West from Maine this weekend and spending the week in Henderson Harbor fishing with the family for the annual Lake O trip. Has anyone been able to ignite any kings yet? I have been hearing that they have been pretty tight-lipped so far...
  4. Have people been using the 8" paddles with meat as well?
  5. I have 25lb Big Game as my main line to a good, dual lock swivel attached directly to the flasher/spiny.. I could be convinced that a fluoro tippet is needed ahead of the flasher, but just doesn't seem like a requirement to me.
  6. That is the color that I have on (most) of my setups- personally, I really don't think that the color matters, especially when using flouro leaders. Gambler's technique is a good idea, though, to lessen the time messing with tangles
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