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  1. 27 minutes ago, Rookie Fisherman said:


    Fished last night from 290-350. Fish were deep. 100-220 down.

    Took this shot you can see DR ball on Starboard side at 140 down and no problems marking fish.

    SOG shows 1.5 but was ruining 2.2- 2.5 at the ball for reference. Port side rigger out of the cone at that speed/depth but at normal fishing depth it gets both balls as shown in the bottom picture. If you look at the bottom picture on the top rigger line you can see the ball and my Fish hawk probe making separated returns. When I fish cheated spoons they can also be made out as a separate return.

    Having the transducer adjusted right is the key. The RV 100 marks fish and bait at speed better than any other transom mount transducer I have had. So many times while heading to a spot and I stoped or turned because of what I was seeing on the graph while running.






    That's awesome, thanks so much for taking the time to share Rookie.  You certainly have that baby dialed in to be able to see the probe separately and cheater spoons wow!  I'm pumped to give it another go next week.  So you are just zooming on the water column and letting it run on auto -- no manual adjustments?  

  2. Thank you I think I’ll stay with Lowrance 

    I’m making my second trip to Lake O next week. Anxious to see how It does now that I fixed the position of the transducer - so far in Lake Erie it’s been awesome, clear signals at 25 mph! The high freq CHIRP is insane on the axiom. High def. So I’m guessing it will be a whole new ballgame in the deep water as well and I bet the 3D stuff will be much more effective so I’ll have to learn it.

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  3. Being new to the fishery, need a little help as I'm planning my second trip to Lake O but this time with my 74 year old dad. It's time for me to repay him for all the times he took me fishing as a kid on Lake Erie!  How far into September does the fishing stay good closer to shore for the big matures?  My Dad can't handle rough seas anymore so I don't want to have to take him out to 500 FOW to find fish.  We are thinking about launching out of Wilson, seems like a good central point for the action with some restaurants and a few places to stay.  We will get a slip at one of the marinas and stay 3 days of fishing.  Looks like the boat launch is at the state park, so not as convenient as the set up at Olcott where I launched last time, but Wilson might be a little more comfortable for him.  Let me know if you guys have any advice and thank you in advance!!  

  4. Curious to what you guys are using... I fish alone often and went with the Fell Marine product, MOB+. $200, pretty easy to install. I Wear a fob on a watch-like wristband that connects via Bluetooth and kills the motor if you go in the sauce. Customer service is awesome - I had to troubleshoot occasional loss of signal which was solved by adding a little antenna. They pick up the phone on Sunday! Good people.

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  5. The only reason one person is more unsafe than 2 or more is the fact if you fall over board .while trolling there is no way your catching the boat. I would hope if you have anyone with you even kids you have at least shown them how to put he boat in and out of gear. They might be an ace at driving it or be able to come back and get you but they can at least make it stop going away at 2.5 mph . I fish alone alot and I was thinking of at least getting one of the remote kill switches.. a few days when it was really bumpy I rigged a pcs of fish if line to my belt loop and to the kill switch string. Just in case ..but even on a flat day if you fell in the boat is a goner

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    I fish alone quite a bit as well, and so I installed the Fell Marine MOB device for piece of mind. No doubt about it, you slip in high seas and fall overboard with the boat in gear, forget about it.

    The old style lanyard kill switch just wasn’t practical with all the moving around I do while fishing. With the Fell Marine system, you wear the Bluetooth fob and it kills the motor if you fall overboard. $200 and pretty easy to install. There’s a manual override where you can bypass the system with a simple plug in the event the system quits working, FOB battery dies etc. I ordered mine from Amazon.

    This company has GREAT customer service as well.


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  6. My bad!  Sounds like a different ball game in the fingers.  No excuse for that guy.   In Lake Erie, it's a whopping $75 a year for a policy for PA and NY waters.  I'd never impose on somebody to tow me in when I could have just paid $75 for piece of mind, but yet I see it all the time.  My boat insurance has towing but I decided to buy a policy directly with the tow company this year to not have to deal with a middle man if stranded.  Got stranded on 4 of July last year with my whole family onboard and had to sit on the phone with Progressive and wait for them to play middle man and authorize the tow with the tow company, so for $75 I can just jump on the radio or give the tow company a call.   

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  7. 4 minutes ago, kempie said:

    I add a 15' 17lb test fluorocarbon leader. would go even smaller pound test but don't always have experienced guys with me. if you take your time with the fish you will have minimal breakoffs. I used to use 12# test and landed many kings but I had guys that knew what they were doing back then. biggest salmon was 33-6 on 12# test. I use a uni to uni knot and seguar fluorocarbon. Ande mono 40# for fleas.

    Thanks Kempie good info -- do you have dedicated spoon rods and dedicated meat rods for your riggers?   don't think I'd want to hook the fluoro leader to a big paddle when switching set ups

  8. 2 minutes ago, mr 580 said:

    The dominant fleas in Lake Erie are a different strain than in Lake Ontario. In Lake Erie you can fish 15lb on riggers and braid on  divers all season as the fleas pretty much fall off the line.  On Lake Ontario you need heavy mono or sea flea line on riggers and wire divers to counter the fleas.  I also feel that over 50 foot target depth and higher speeds on Lake Ontario that wire has an advantage especially pulling attractors over braid.  Some also feel that the “signature” in the water of wire gives more productivity over braid also.  On Lake Erie I use braid all season as it is more forgiving especially for less experienced anglers.  On Lake Ontario wire wins with flea resistance, higher speed at deeper depths.

    Nice post, thank you Mr. 580.  Do you leader your rigger mono with fluoro?  I used 30 lb mono, no leader, on my last trip and it seemed to perform well with limited fleas and the amount of strikes.  But just curious if adding a fluoro leader (if so what lb test?) could help improve amount of strikes.  I guess I'm mainly talking about spoons off of riggers, because obviously with an attractor and meat or flasher fly there is a leader.

  9. On 8/22/2020 at 10:23 PM, Fat Trout said:

    Situation dependent. I towed a 24 ft boat who had no steering capability on lake Ontario ...didnt know the steering part until i was committed. I was an 18 ft boat. When i came to port that boat swung back and forth wildly at slow speed. It was all i could do to maintain control. I have many regrets from that scenario and im not even explaining the half of that 2 hour hair raising scenario. I came really close to putting my crew in harms way and plowing that boat into others. Im still willing to help but im going to grade the scenario. Ill respond to life emergencies but towing for a guy with an questionably maintained boat (my situation)....yeah im gonna think that one out. im also very able to call towboat US for people. Which is my plan for myself which i have already set up if i have issues. As captain of my boat im responsible for my boat and crew and others at my discression. That was the lesson that i learned. Consider that before tossing too many universal..."you must do" stones.


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    Agreed.  A towing insurance policy is very affordable there's really no excuse not to have it other than being cheap.  Certainly we all should come to the aid of stranded boaters and make sure they are not in danger, but is it really the expectation you have to tow them in perhaps putting both boats at risk?  

  10. On 8/9/2020 at 7:07 PM, KilliansRed said:


    Here’s a handy chart, much more accurate than the one included with the divers.

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    Thanks for this chart, very helpful!!  The question I have is why mess with wire when braid is almost as effective at achieving depth?  Is SPEED the main factor missing from this chart?   Is that where wire will stay down where braid will float up at higher speeds necessary for salmon?  

  11. In playing with the range and gain settings I was able to occasionally mark some stuff but I couldn't get it to hold and there was so much noise it was tough to make anything out.  Never had to adjust anything before on it, so I've learned a lot from the experience... that's fishing!  What is A scope?  

  12. 1 hour ago, Sk8man said:

    If the frequency is adjustable set it to the lower frequency range for out deep

    thanks Sk8man... yes, after this incident I've learned a lot about sonar trying to figure out what happened.  With High CHIRP you don't get to adjust freq.  Out on the lake I played around for hours trying to adjust the range, gain, etc. to no avail.  It is pretty much set up to run in auto mode and I just ended up making things worse and ruining my fun by messing with it.  So, I went ahead and replaced a non-working Airmar Thru-Hull transducer on my boat with a working one, so next time I'll at least have a backup plan.  I've hooked it up to the Axiom MFD with a Y- adapter cable.  With the Airmar, I'll be able to manually select 50 kHz for the deep.  

  13. 1 hour ago, Rookie Fisherman said:


    Are you not picking up bottom or not marking deep fish?

    I have the same Transducer. Only use 2D for trolling deep, no problem picking up bottom offshore or marking deep fish.

    Has to be angle of the transducer or placement.

    I do loose bottom when running at speed in deeper water but once I slow down it comes back in.

    Good to know Rookie, appreciate it.  It would be able to mark bottom but just wasn't marking anything.  I've had screens of blank sorrow in my day, don't get me wrong, I know a fishfinder doesn't mark fish when there isn't fish, but it was just blank all day, no bait, nothing, and yet we caught a dozen fish.  I'm thinking it was a placement problem.  After my remount, it definitely seems to be working even better in Lake Erie as I'm able to mark fish at higher speeds, 20 MPH plus. Fingers crossed for Lake O.  

  14. I have had the wire line snap twice now about 30 to 50 feet up from the dipsey. Have good terminal tackle swivel etc at the end that attaches to dipsey, same with the mono to boats and fly or spoon etc.
    Its happened both times on big fish, long runs, no slack in the line etc. when retrieved I have those tight curls etc.
    im wondering if the board is spinning faster than swivels can handle when the fish runs and it just kinks it, then bye bye.
    anybody have this figured out

    Malin 7 is the good stuff, maybe give it a try

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