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  1. I want to thank Cannon Customer service…. Coming out of storage, the circuit board on one of my Optimum TS failed.  I called customer service and they immediately sent me a new board which I received in a few days.  Installed it myself in about 10 minutes, re-paired everything and I’m good to go!  Thank you Cannon!  

  2. A lot of mishaps can be mitigated... use shock absorbers/snubbers... and keep the weights in the water when you attach your line so they don't bounce in high seas.  Also, adjust the default speed to low or medium setting to avoid the high power motor from creating a snap in high seas.   Also be mindful of the retro ease if you intend to use one.... if its in the way and you release your ball it can create a world of problems.  Part of my workflow is to make sure the retro ease line is taught and cinched on the clip before sending the ball down.   

  3. I have 12 of them (500s and 600s) I use for wire/braid diver rods and riggers.   Awesome reels all around.  Love the precision drag, the big handle and just the overall high-performance.  I did end up getting some different reels for my long lines as the capacity of the tekotas isn't enough...  I use the Okuma Coldwater 553s for my Weighted Steel setups and 7-10 color lead core setups.     

  4. got it, many thanks!  I'm usually all slimed out with Lakers from the early season on Lake Erie.... so definitely don't want to be catching mostly Lakers if I make the trip over!  So I should focus on that 20-40 to hit Salmon, steel and browns.  


     I picked up some of the Bay Rat XL Deeps last year, nice plugs.  Will grab a few more!  


    Thanks again, you're the best 

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  5. 7 minutes ago, Yankee Troller said:


    It's weather dependent, but that early ad you better look from the Welland Canal to Jordan Harbor and stay somewhat skinny 30' or less. Your catch will be mostly Lake Trout until you find a pod of Kings. If you want BT, Coho, and Steel you may be better doing the shoreline thing.

    You mean for BT, Coho and Steel will be in that same 30' as you mention mostly Lakers occasion pod of Kings, or BT/Coho/Steel even tighter to shoreline?  


    2 hours ago, Yankee Troller said:

    If you're fishing Canadian water mid to late April fish it like you would Walleye back home with deep sticks in less than 30' of water. You can also go out deep and use the traditional Summer methods too at time. 

    thinking about mid/late April, I guess I was envisioning a feeding frenzy of coho, steelhead, and kings with mixed in Lakers and maybe a brown or two in early season action west of the bar.  Maybe mid april is a little too early and I should target first week in May prior to the Derby to have a few more options available including the bar itself...?   If you had to pick between the two what do you think the best fishing would be?  Thanks!

  7. 2 hours ago, McWally said:

    Early spring is mostly a brown trout game for me. I prefer big boards with sticks. I leave the in-line boards home because unlike walleye, losing a brown is no big deal to me and I am more in it for the unimpeded fight and sport of it. We run downriggers with lighter Michigan stinger spoons and 6-8 sticks on the big boards. We get the occasional silver, steel, pike, and bass doing this in 8-20ft of water. Some guys have great luck with divers close to boat. Maybe someone will chime in with that info, but early spring, that’s my spread. No leadcore, or snap weights, or anything fancy, if I want more depth I’ll go with a suspending husky jerk or smithwicks. I just fishing the colored water which is usually best in close. 

    good call on the unimpeded fight with the big boards, makes it a lot of fun.  Are you speaking to the western end of the lake in early spring?  

  8. So over the last couple years I've learned the techniques for mid/late spring, summer and fall, but not early spring yet!  My goal this year is to make a trip in mid to late April, likely fishing Canadian waters to the Niagara bar.  Would you be so kind as to share how your techniques differ for this early season type of fishing?   What would be your 6 rod program?  What depths are the fish found typically and what depths of the water column are most targeted?  I will be mostly targeting silver fish but should we try our luck with Browns as well?  


    I think I have all the equipment at this point (riggers, wire, boards, dispey, lead core, weighted steel etc)  ... last year I got really good using in-line boards and weighted steel which put a lot of extra fish in the boat... but for early spring is it more of a 15-35 ft. game?  3-5-7 color etc.?  Mostly spoons?  Smaller spoons, stinger/super slim?


    Thank you in advance!!  



  9. Made it to Lake O twice this season, west end, late May and late July, fished for about 5 days total, very small sample size, but our July trip was the best fishing I've ever experienced.  We caught over 20 mature kings and countless big steelhead.  The kings were huge, got my PB at 28lbs.  I am going to dream all winter about the white water shooting from behind that planer board when that beast took off like a freight train!  We got a number of kings over 20lb in the Spring as well but the fishing was "slower" with heavy derby traffic and flat lake.  Obviously I don't have the perspective as the guys doing it every weekend, but holy hell, this is an AMAZING fishery.   Only thing I can complain about Lake Ontario is how it sure makes fishing in Lake Erie seem boring!  

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  10. I'd love to hear your thoughts on a spring Lake O trip -- thinking early May timeframe, maybe late April.  I've previously fished the Niagara Bar out of Wilson a few times but later in May..  My understanding is that the earlier in the spring, the further West the fish are going to be, so I was thinking of maybe fishing out of St. Catharines, Port Dalhousie area?  Any thoughts, any advice out there for those who have fished that area in the spring?  

  11. 16 hours ago, Fjaq said:

    Finally took the plunge and spent 2 days fishing walleye on Lake Erie, Irving NY area.  First time for us.  The walleye were there and fairly easy to catch. At 6:45am I counted 37 boats within my view in the 60-70 fow area, and this was on a Wednesday!

    crawler harnesses and purple spoons worked for us.  Never had a hit on any of my sticks.

    Lake Erie gets rough QUICKLY.  Very nasty west wind.

    We jig for walleye on the Susquehanna.  I think I prefer jigging.

    Number 1 problem was they hit very lightly.  On Wednesday we boated about 20 fish before getting blown off the lake. ALL 20 fish were reeled in ( and discovered on the line) while checking the lines,,,,, never once saw a rod move.  Maybe lighter cannon balls would work better?  Tried barely pinching the line in my Scotty releases but that just caused many false releases.

    I like it better when a king hits and the drag screams and everybody runs around on the boat.

    Nice big fat walleyes!  Very easy to see them on the screen on the bottom (look like lakers).

    Don’t get me wrong,,, had a great time and caught some nice fish.

    Once you get used to catching Kings, it's really hard to catch walleyes.  I go a couple times a year for meat runs but otherwise like to target trout and salmon

  12. Mature Salmon aren't a size. Some mature at 2yrs old some mature at 4yrs old. The term "mature" is used very loosely.

    So…. Is a “mature” more accurately determined by the fish’s color? I’ve been calling fish with a tan, mature. Obviously that’s dependent on the time of year, that is, you can catch a silver fish earlier in the season that will likely turn color and spawn. For example I caught a couple 20 lb+ fish this May that more than likely would be in spawn mode right now so I called them mature. In late July I caught many upper teens, 20s, that had a bit of a tan and thus called them mature. Am I wrong?

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  13. Prob ably the closer you hook it to the leader the less whipping action of the core. The weight placed just above the leadcore on the backing basically sinks the setup but allows the leadcore freedom to 'roam" back and forth.

    Seems like I’d need to put 70/80 ft of additional line between the board and snap weight to allow it to achieve full depth or else the board would prevent the line from reaching its potential.

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  14. 2 hours ago, Fishmaster 196 said:

    If you snap the weight on your leader you will loose the whipping action of leadcore. It is best to snap it on the leadcore near the backing to leadcore connection.

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    makes sense, appreciate the advice!!  Normally I'll hook my inline board to the backing behind the last color... so if I hook the snap weight there, I assume I need to give the weight some extra line to dive behind the board which seems like a lot of extra line on top of an already very long line.....   could I get away with hooking it say halfway (at the 5 color point) or maybe at the 7 color point and still get that whipping action?  

  15. I picked up some Offshore 3 oz Guppy snap weights today to use with my 10 color setup.  I've never used them before.  If I hook the 3 oz snap weight up to my leader, 50 ft back from my spoon or flasher, and then let out the 10 colors, approximately how deep will it be running at say 2,0mph?  



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