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  1. Thanks for the info guys. I will be installing a switch, and an inline charger. Probably gonna have to add another battery as well, that will make three in a 16 ft Starcraft and running out of real estate. Maybe I'll just stick to my manuals
  2. Hey folks, I am kind of a newbie to electric downriggers. Where do you get your power from? Do you run to starting battery, trolling motor battery, or do you use separate battery just for downriggers? My 40hp main motor does not have an alternator so I am skeptical about using starting battery, and only have trolling motor to get me home if main motor fails. Do Mag 10's use a lot of battery power?
  3. Does anyone know someone that can make a canvas bow cover?
  4. I have never fished the big lake in my 16 ft StarCraft but would love to. Any advice as to where to fish, and wind speeds? Thinking Mexico area What should I look for as far as wind direction? Thanks in advance
  5. You are killing them, beautiful fish. Must be your good luck fishing hat LOL. I have no way to monitor temps at the ball, if you were going to fish next Tuesday, what would be your preferred depth, or colors out on your leadcore? Any info would be appreciated, I do really well on lakers in that lake but have never caught a silver there. Thanx in advance!
  6. Hi, been doing fine with lakers but, color and depth for rainbows would be surely appreciated?
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