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Found 226 results

  1. Mike from Mass.got here around noon and we went out about three. Set up right out in front of camp headed north. Picked up one 17" rainbow down 61' on a sliver alwife glow cup MS.put it back. That was it most bait was out deep ( 300 _ 500' ).... great to get back out.
  2. Hoot and I got back out today , ran across to Seneca Drums tied off on common dock and took care of a few loose ends. We pushed off and set out from there and trolled north. Got a hit on wire diver out 160 sd with glemm fly no hook up..... picked a 18" bow alittle later 62' down flt chikenfeed spoon.....had two hit and misses also and thats about it.....went up too long point and trolled back to east side , just below boyscout camp..... lots of weeds.... fleas are out in force both sides. ..
  3. Good morning. Not an expert here. Just love to fish. I am posting to contribute as I have taken info from this website. Hopefully someone can learn from my successes and/or failures. As always, I gladly welcome positive reinforcement and/or constructive criticism to improve my angling. Date: 7/23/15 Plan: Got a last minute call from my friend from Buffalo who was in area. We made last minute plans to fish. I was originally going to meet him at Severne as I have been having some success on that area north in the past couple weeks. Due to late start I suggested we meet in Watkins. Should have stuck to my original plan. Lake: Seneca Launch: Watkins Area fished: west side, center of lake and east side Crew: Friend from Buffalo and his 12 year son Time: Started out at 5pm-845pm Direction headed: set up near first point on east side and trolled north toward Peach orchard point. Pulled lines and cruised further north a little bit. Set up lines and trolled north then crossed lake. Trolled north on west side then turned around and trolled south for a time until dark. Depth of water fished over: 80ft to 500ft Wind: out of north Surface temp: 70 Water Down temp: This is second time I used my Fishhawk TD temp probe. 65deg-30Ft, 58deg-40Ft, 51deg-50Ft, 48deg-60Ft, 46deg-70Ft. I assume this is accurate. Can someone confirm if these are temps they have been seeing? Setup: Rod 1 – 3 color core with small michigan stinger on inline planer board Rod 2 – 5 color core with small michigan stinger on inline planer board Rod 3 – wireline, #1 dipsy out 150 ft on 2.5 setting using michigan stinger orange spoon Rod 4 – wireline, #1 dipsy out 120 ft on 0 setting using mountain dew paddle and fly Rod 5 – wireline, #1 dipsy out 120 ft on 2.5 setting using michigan stinger watermelon spoon Rod 6 – wireline, #1 dipsy out 140 ft on 0 using NK28 mountain dew spoon Results: Nothing happening. Didn’t really mark anything good on fish finder screen except for 2 small areas in shallow water. Fleas and weeds were very bad all over. Got to use for the second time my fishhawk td and new rod holders from Cisco fishing systems. Nice night to be out. Wish we would have caught at least one fish for my friend’s son. Question of the day: Is it true that fishing in south end is tougher until later in the summer? When does fishing in south end really pick up? I expect some biased answers as I know there is a friendly battle between north enders and south enders!!! Thanks and stay safe. Dave
  4. thinking of hitting seneca in the morning and was going to launch at severne. any details on cost to launch and details of area or depth range to fish or hot spoons on seneca would be greatly appreciated. have dug into some recent reports so i see white ff is hot unfortunatly i have had bad luck losing multiple flashers this year and that color is on the bottom or cayuga lake. thanks in advance
  5. Ok here you go young lad...... PM me your e-mail if these are not good enough for you....Nice fish....
  6. Still slow , 3 for 2 ........24" laker with a small lamprey , and a dink laker...... more stuff washed up along Lodi Point south side and a few big one floating around out the so keep your eye open..... small willow tree ..... Hoot with small laker on wire slide diver rod.... set up pictures ....
  8. Two rigs in lot , looks like around a foot higher and the launch will be closed. Junk (large ) piled up on the south side of the point. Ron send me a pm with your e-mail.
  9. I'll be taking the boat up..... when ..... well ...... not sure but I will be there one of these days....................
  10. I have a cottage rented in Dundee just wondering if anyone knows if there is a launch anywhere near that area or is Watkins the closest trying to avoid a 12mile run, going to be there with two young boys I know there capable but closer the better. Thank you for any help.
  11. So I launched out of Sampson @ 6:00 AM, fog bank stayed with me for most of my trip, this was my "shake down" cruise for the first trip out, electronics failed, found a loose ground, fixed before launching, found fish, bait, and line hugging tree debris EVERYWHERE, pollen, flowers, leaves, and floating Winter kill lake weeds, fish were most congregated under the thickest seam of this stuff, couldn't get anything to hit any of my arsenal I had aboard, didn't care was a beautiful day & I needed it smile emoticontrolled almost to Geneva. Finally turned to head in and decided to hit deep water, hit that 130-135' slot and marked spotty bottom fish, finally found 1 hungry laker, right in front of the marina, caught it on a fly I tied myself, green glow/UV mylar, glow beads behind a glow/green dot Spin Doctor, back on the trailer @ 11:30 AM with a nice sunburn on my face and head smile emoticon
  12. Put lines in at 8:56 am ……………… worked 70’ to 90’ most of the time but did pick up two smasher on the turns a jumper that came off quick ( BIG fish ) and a hard puller that got in the wire rod and cut off… out over 200 to 250' …………. Went 4 for 12 had three reeeeeeellllllll lite bites in that mix……. One laker on wire that I lost 160’ out UV BTI sliver fly….. riggers were the best bite today probe down 52’ running 2.4 to 2.6 64* to 66* at the ball ……….. other rigger was 59’ …………weeds were not too bad but fleas were a pain on the wire rod….. rigger rods still have flea-flicker line on…. got them all back in the water to fight another day !!!!! Used the live - well in the new boat worked great !!!!! What we did stick and landed were dandy's !!!!! FLT spoons , glow froggy frog ( I think theres a bull in there some where ) the other hot spoon was a glow evil gobby glow that I Dr. up the glow cup with scale tape cutting back on how bright the glow is and adds some flash in the sun............. Boss is up... 7# Laker… I'm up..... 8.5# Laker… Boss is up..... 18†male brown…. I'm up.... 9.75 # female brown… Fleas and weeds on the probe rigger..... Well got some NICE fish but better half is not happy with who got what !!!!
  13. Seneca 8/19/2014 Back at it this morning with the better half………….. lines in the water at 8:41 am running same spoons as yesterday and depths…….1st fish hooked up and landed at 9:15 am double up but the 1st fish a laker was ready for the net so other fish was gone…by the time we got to….better half was happy with the nice chunky laker about 20†or so we put him back…. She said the one that got off was my turn…..I said no problem honey ……. Next one on at 9:20 am boated a 17†salmon on the same spoon as the laker 58’ down FLT BFFG … she was happy with that one jumping out of the water a few time so everything is going good so far…... then 10:34 am hook up one the 52’ probe rigger she tell me to take it , I do and it’s a heavy fish….. I tell her that it’s a good one take the rod…… nope she said your turn…… long battle fish runs the boat then pulls a lot of line back out and runs alongside of the boat with the other rigger in the water….reach over and pull that rod out and put it in another rod holder making room to net fish… … she nets for me but to heavy for her to bring in so we get it together ………… land a 12#12oz male brown….. on the evil glow goby with scale tape on cup….. at 11:00 am boat on trailer and heading back to camp to get info to mount fish….ended up taking it to “ Hancock’s Custom Taxidermy “……… now I’m in bigger trouble than I was yesterday…… I just can’t win………………
  14. Today I decided to go try some new lures and colors I had made up last week. Been itching to go, but too busy. So after it rained a while, I decided to hitch the boat and go solo. When I arrived at the launch the DEC was sorting their gill nets they had just pulled. The DEC marine navigation team also showed up as I was launching my boat. I had some pretty interesting conversation with both groups. Glad I decided to go today. Here are some pics of the fish they caught.
  15. I didn't want to get up so Erabbit had to wait till EYE was good and ready to go.......he loaded boat then drug me over to the truck and off we go....... I tell him three times ---Ruff----Ruff---Ruff---- that the water was just too Ruff for me but Oh no he knows better............we're heading down the lake a 9:32 am and at-least he don't have it wide open only going 20 or so.......he get where I guess he thinks there fish and get busy setting boat up...... he'll have to take over from here because I'm too short to see all his gizz-mo's........... had lines into the water tad after 9:49 am and fish on at 9:58 am 61' probe rigger small stinger spoon ( same one as last time out ) small sub legal landlock.......put that rod back down and checked other rod just to be safe I didn't have a dink on it....... 10:20am boat a 18" to 20" chunky landlock and put him back on the 61' rigger again.....10:35 am boat a laker on the 71' rigger FLT perch pattern spoon..then one more laker at 11:00 am ...11:20am 71' rigger smaller landlock than the first one and that was about it for the day back at the dock by 1ish....... put all fish back..........too hot !!!! and Kinger was ready for lunch !!!!!!
  16. Ok King tell them how well I've been doing the last few times out on the water........ HEY King tell them will Ya !!!!!! Ok there ya go now you know for sure............. this tree was amazing today half green and red !!!!!
  17. Took King down to the launch for a walk didn't look to bad so when we got back up got ready and headed back down...... on the water at 10:30 or so headed north ........ set up and trolled toward Samson...... nothing even had Da Tie with me..... ran into some weeds so I pulled that rigger other was fine ( probe rigger ) so I worked in shallow just too see what we would see..... not much .....checked in as far as 35' and back out..... did a few Mojo deals with Da tie I'll post them later just got in and still need too unpack boat..... so with what samonslammer and the Owasco post I pulled out the small spoons.......... good deal thanks........... anyway after that went 8 for 8 all lakers no size biggest 22" and 2 @ about 12ish.......... took fish at 61' ( one ) 71' ( three ) rest at 81' ...... 85' fow and 95' Fow ..... best action started just south of Samson going north........ at 3:18 pm had every thing ready to go fired up the 200 yamaha @ 35 MPH I was walking to get truck @ 3:41 pm............
  18. Kingers up and getting ready , coffee is made few more things to get done ...........
  19. Wasn't going to go then saw it was out in Ohio and we just had so dark clouds so off I went............ was working in shallower than I have been and then I pulled a DAH !!!!! Rod holder up against the clutch adjustment screw loosened up and down goes cannonball with X4 probe to the bottom........... threw boat out of gear ....poped other rod and brought that rigger in.. then worked to get the probe back............. got every thing back in boat didn't loose anything except for about a 100' of diwnrigger cable........... I'll take that lost any day........... got back in the game and went to deeper program........... ran past buddy from the park gave him a call on the cell phone checking to see whaqt was ahead and if he was doing any thing........ went a tad father and pulled every thing and went to the west side........... ran two rigger , 5 color core with a diving stickbait on a inline board............ nothing pulled and changed spoons........pulled core and put wire slide diver out with a spoon............ got into two bows one on the 65' rigger and one on the wire out 180' and had a release while I was trying to revive on bow in the live-well that I never saw............ made a turn to go back thru area and while I was doing that I was messing with the I-Pilot , hit something ( I know now what I did ) anyway it would not steer and I thought it was because I was going into the wind and it had picked up some............. anyway ..... had to bring lines up before I bounced ball on the bottom............ thought that was enough fun for one-day..... all FLT spoons....had to keep one of the bows could not revive him he was the one off the wire rod.............
  20. Tall Paul came up to fish some we ( Paul , Hoot , Kinger boy and I ) got down to the lake after 10 fished till 3ish both sides , went 1 for 4 lost two of wire 240' out and 210' out , had a good salmon on for two jumps at 61' down flt hi vis spoon and Paul landed this brown ( about 7.5# ) off probe rigger at 51' down , evil glow goby tape job ...tad ruff out there but we had a fair time on the water.....
  21. I was a tad wimpy this am but check forecast and looked like it was going to get a lot of wind later...........so gave Hoot a yell and off we went....set-up some time after 10 am and picked up a good laker I lost behind the boat we got a good eye on....... on rigger FLT spoon ......later the wire rod goes off 105' wire out S/D with a green fly..... heavy fish.... I work him in and Hoot puts the net on him...... 27" pushing 10# brown.. big male nice hook-jaw and great color.... that was it called it a good day !!!!!
  22. Just got back in put a hour meter on the kicker see we had 5 hours on it..................2 for 2 two rainbows 21" and 17" boxed the 21" first fish to the boat......51' down and 61' down ...... chickenfeed flt , and bullfroggy frog glow........ worked hard for two fish ....but we had fun !!!!...........
  23. Seneca 8/7/2014 Hoot was in camp today so I had an extra hand on board………… got going around 7 to launch headed south to same area……came up about a ½ mile short lots of weeds…………..set up headed north 70 to 100 feet of water ……. 240’ on the wire slidediver rig , 67’ on one riger and 61’ on probe rigger same spoons as yesterday …… S/D yellow/sliver with a green fly………… made one pass back thru then father south….. picked up 9 lakers and 2 bows ……. Went to west side looking for landlock…… picked one up out deep (250’) on the 61’ rigger………worked in then north then went out to pick up that pass again and picked a small bow up out in 500+ feet ……and one more landlock about where we got the other one just about 17†so we kept going north this time , picked another laker up on the wire and two more 17†landlocks ……called it about 12…… 17 for 20 for the day…… east side 61' down 62 or so * west side 61' down 54 or so * west side 36' down 61 or so* east side would be near 70* or high 60* at 36,......
  24. So got up early and went to Severne. The plan was get there early motor down to Glenora and pull out when I reached Severne again. Left the house at 4:30 AM something executed the "plan" was back on the trailer at 8:45 AM, shot the **** with an older than me timer at the launch for awhile and home, coming through Watkins, by 10:30 3 nice lakers,22 1/4 " 3# 3 oz, 24" 4# 15 oz, and 25" 13 oz, 150 FOW, wire rods, mag Dipsey #2 setting, 280' back, my usual glo frog racer Spin Doctor/ Reel-Hooked Up fly( yes I have other Spin Doctor fly combos ) took the 2 larger of the 3 and a #00 Luhr Jensen hammered silver flasher with a chrome and glo Spin -n- Glo following it on my new Seth Green rig toy took the smaller one. Boat ran great, very peaceful morning on Seneca , I haven't fished a Finger Lake during the tourist season on a WEEKEND in years
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