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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:Half Wired





Time on Water:5-12 and 5-10


Wind Speed/Direction:light

Waves: minimal

Surface Temp: 49ish






Total Hits: 32

Total Boated:25

Species Breakdown:Steelhead, Slimers, Skipper Kings

Hot Lure: Anything Stinger

Trolling Speed: 2.7-3.1

Down Speed:

Boat Depth: 60-255

Lure Depth: boards and deep riggers 80'+



Saturday morning yieldedbig numbers of skipper kings on the inside water so we decided to slide out into the 300' range the further north we trolled the more the lake trout bite increased to the point of not being able to keep lines in the water so we moved back inside and decided to pick on the steelhead. we were very busy with only 4 lines trying to keep them all in the water. if it was steelhead and lake trout you were after ive never seen fishing quite so fast and furious as this weekend. we did a few steelies in the 10lb range but most were 5-7lbs. we also managed a 17lb slimer off the boards in 265 fow west of port. All lakers came off the gold watermelon C5 on the boards. now you know what not to use. Steelies were coming off the short riggers and the 300 and 350 surface spoons anything michigan stinger with 3 shots.

Tight lines,



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