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New to this board and trolling Need help

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Hi everyone, My name is Rick from NJ.

I could use some help if anyone wants to.

I just got a new boat this week so the wife is watching my spending. I will be going up to the lake on labor day weekend and would like to try my hand at some trolling and try to give the wife a shot at some fish. I will be staying near Port Ontario and could use some advise on trolling that area with dipsy divers. Hope to have the gps by then but if not I dont want to go that far out, since I dont know the water.

Anyway if anyone has some tips, such as lures, depth, speed and so on. I would appreciate the help.



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Good start is to cruise this site.

If you have never trolled before a charter is worth the trip and will shorten the learning curve.

Dan keatings books are great for beginners. Bobsoutdoors has a deal on both of them.

Do you have riggers?

I tell you a dipseys take a lot of fish for us and some days all of them.

If you are making the inital investment, Okuma CV30D are great dipsey reals, not the cheapest but you will thank me. Check Ebay, they had them on there for 113-119 for two of them new. Load them up with 300 yards of 30-50lb Power pro and 25lb mono backing (hopefully you will never get that low, but fill the reel up. Once you get the hang of that get another two or convert them to wire. Not sure the deal on our boat but th epower pro is outfishing the wire right now. I do not recommend wire to start, it is not forgiving if you tangle it and if it is kinked you have to replace it or splice it, not to mention it will cut anything that it comes into contact with.

You do not need expensive rods, 25 dollar okuma mooching rods work great for dipseys, they are 10.5 feet long and are great because you can run good leaders and still have the rod length to get the fish up by the boat. If you get another set of dipseys you can go with 8.5 or 9.5 footers and run wire on your inside wires. Hey you are up to 4 lines now, add two riggers and that is just a start, you have boards and leadcore to consider too.

Do not forget good rod holders that are strong and adjustable, dipseys run better run as low to the water as you can get them.

Hope that helps

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Welcome aboard!!!

I would like to recommend Diawa heartland dipsy/ heavy downrigger rods ( 9'6" ones ) and sealine 47LC reels. Use powerpro and standard sized dipsys. You should be able to run 4 off the boat with no problem. You will probably be spending $130 each on the combos.

Set the inboard dipsys on a " 1 " setting and the outboard ones on a " 3 " setting to get them away from each other.

Search this site and you will come up with a ton of good info. lures, flashers, speed - all are right here on this site.

Try to contact anyone in the area you are going to fish and follow them for a day, either in seperate boats and chatting on the radio or on their boat.

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