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  1. Great web site, I have ordered from them for a while and never diappointed!!!!!!
  2. When you guys go out pickup your empty propane tanks, I found ten of them yesterday where the guys were walleye fishing. I am absolutly disgusted with the guys out there littering, every trip is something new fo me to pick up.
  3. Rich, You working at Gander now? Do not forget the wire and not 300 foot wire spools, 1000ft. 1. Good selection of spoons; not the generic display of what is left over from the manufacturer with only two that work. 2. Same with flies 3. Same with flashers 4. Terminal tackle used on the great lakes and a variety from SAMPO to OPTI. 5. Line, how about some pink ande bulk, 250 yard spools do not work for me. 6. Reels You shoudl see the gander here, Plenty of CV 20s but nothing else usefull. 7. See #3 but with plugs, lyman, silver horde and j plug. 8. Trebles and octopus hooks in the sizes we use on the great lakes, not size 2,4,6,8 octopus, how about 3/0, 4/0, 5/0 and in nickle, black nickle, red and green. 9. how about beads? 10. OF course, my favorite, KEEP it stocked, Gander here will order three black dipseys and well, for some reason that is not enough.
  4. There were three venders there, two charters(moby dick and another one from henderson), that was about it, Saiff was not even there. DEALS: There was one place that had a 10% dicount on stuff (junk) for the show but the prices were jacked up. Fish lander had a nice display. Totally not worth 9.00, I did stop at all season sports on the way home but did not buy anythign so still felt bad.
  5. caution: This show sucked!!! 9 dollar admission for nothing!!!!!!!
  6. oxygenated gas There are currently 39 regions required to use oxy gas. It is unclear to me if the pump must specifically say the gas is oxy gas but it must say if the gas has any type of alcohol mixture in it (oxy gas).Look on the pump and see if the gas either of the following in it: ethanol/ETBE , methanol/MTBEIf either is present chances are it is oxy gas. The maximum percetage currently allowed is 10% but ther has been talk of raising the limit to 20%.The article in AutoWeek mentions all kinds of potential and actual problems that can be attributed to oxy gas. Some of them are hard starting, stalling, hesitation, incresed instances of vapor lock and corrosion of older engine parts. They also mention that gas mileage is decreased.<<<<< (by John Auer: [email protected])Thanks to Harry Sidhu and Edward Bernard for their replies. The concensus seems to be: 1. Oxygenatated fuel is mandated by the EPA in states where pollution is a problem. Smog dissipates less quickly during winter months, and the emission systems operate less effectively as well, due to the increased warmup times. Oxygenated fuels produce less emissions, helping the problem. 2. Some gasoline suppliers will deliver gas to "regions", not "states" where the EPA has directed them to use such fuels, to make shipping easier. 3. Oxygenated fuels can cause rough idle and hesitation problems because of their chemical nature; this, of course, isn't news to those of you using them...<<<<<(by John De Armond: [email protected]: edited)It is not marked on the pump but the slightly sweet, vaguely ether-like odor of MTBE is distinctive once you've smelled it once. If your gas smells like something other than gasoline, it probably contains MTBE.MTBE-laced gas provides less mileage than unadulterated gasoline for the same reason any other oxygenate such as methanol or nitromethane does - it carries some oxygen within its structure and that oxygen displaces a combustable atom in the molecule. If no changes are made to your engine, you will likely experience a lean-related loss of power. However, if you're willing to retune the engine, you will recognize a bit more power just as you would by adding a few percentage points of nitro. Of course, you mileage will get even worse. In effect, EPA is using a byproduct effect of hotrod fuel to (allegedly) achieve their goals.
  8. The problem might be oxygenated gas. I know some larger cities use it starting fall to spring to lower emissions. I had the problem in Baltimore years back adn took my truck in and had diagnostics done. I was told it was because of the gas and to expect up to a 25% decrease in milage. Soon as they changed back to regular gas my milage came back.
  9. Don't you read these threads DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME THERE (Gander Mountain) The local shops have a better selection and often times beat the gander prices. As I look for hunting stuff now well, it is the same. WASTE OF TIME. Just order online.
  10. Yes, check the opti web site, I am not an advocate of gander but they do carry the opti 30lb wire line now.
  11. I will throw my two cents in on the braid. Saw the link on snubbers, I feel it depends on the rod, I run a 10 foot mooching Okuma for my dispey and I do not use a snubber when using 50# mono for leaders on flasher rigs. Now for spoons I run a clear thin snubber with 25# leaders. I did use a snubber on my wire this year and lost a lot of fish. The wire does fish deeper.
  12. COHO! and a nice one, they fight good too!!
  13. One wire to check is the opti 30lb, the package says it is th esame diameter as 20lb.
  14. 1000ft fits perfectly. I run 1000ft sinc eI really did not feel like splicing the two together.
  15. I have had good luck on orange with bright spoons for bows up top and a chrome green when I run green echips and flys other wise it is black or clear.
  16. I had two that stand out, one was this weekend takign my two year old off the doc for perch. she had a blast. I woudl post pctures but way to complicated on this site. any how, how do you respond to this: I pull my fisign pole out of the back out of the truck.....Oh daddy, did you buy that for me!!!!.. Mom has her trained. The other was one morning we had rods firing all over soon as we set-up, we ended up with three one and only got one in. it was a fun quick morning.
  17. I learned a long time ago that sharing is better than not. Believe me, I could give you an antire rig and it will run different on your boat. I have fished two charters side by side running exactly th esame and we pounded fish while our buddy could not buy a bite. Heck everyone is killing them on mirage flies but I have only had one day where they have gone. Anyhow, good luck. don't forget there will be miltiple runs of salmon too and theyounger fish are still in the main lake.
  18. So how long are you running your dipsey's? 7 foot plus an 8 inch flasher with a 20-24 inch leader and you are about maxed out even with a 10 foot pole unless you have a very tall boat.
  19. I never noticed folded over tails but will look, as for pink bellies, yes! Ray, Very observant, you are learning a lot for only 4 years experiance. That is the hardest part of fishing, being ofservant to the conditions around catching fish. I kick myself int he but all the time writting my reports then bam it hits me, you should have done this!!!!!!! Good luck, Brian
  20. Great job, that is the fun about fishing this time of year. We had two this past weekend that we thought were giants and turned otu to be only 20-23 LBS.
  21. Rich is right, head south..see my report, if the weather is nice you can still load the boat. Monday was a great day but we only had a short timeon the water due to wind but the fish were snapping. the Fish are full of vinigar too, we spend 45 minutes chasing one down the other day, it would just not come up. In the trench you need to watch your rods. Last time we trolled there SOG was very slow one way and fast the other depending on the current. If you are going with it you need to go faster, just watch the divers, if they are not pulling speed up, if you see them thumping real good back off, but play with it, sometimes they like it slow, sometimes fast. If you run spoons we have done browns in there too. We have doen better futher up the trenchthe times we have fished it. Late last year we did them ont he edge of the drop outside of gravely. We have not done well with spoons in the trench, I do not believe they are actively feeding there. I woud run J plugs, and paddles and flies and get them worked up.
  22. 1 SEP 07 Got out later in the morning and noticed it was 54 degrees at the dock 66 degrees in 60 FOW. We fished 50-90 FOW, best results in 64 Feet just off the beach north of sandy pond. It was a blue day for us, hammer flies (finally) with green and mountain dew e-chips down 45 and 55 feet and a blue splatter glow silver streak plug on a full core took the place of a silver bullet. Lost one on a dipsy green e-chip and green dolphin fly out 150 feet. Anyhow, did 4 for 6, yes I lost two fish that could have been a limit for us, then we left. There are some nice Cohos out there too. So the theme of the day....LONG LONG Leads, and lead core. Time to get the core and yellow birds out and hit the beach!!!!!!! 3 SEP 07 We got out before it got bad today, strong SSW wind. Lots of action and we wasted a lot of time on a king that would not come in! First time this year we had 650 of line out!!!!!!!!!! Boy are my arms sore, this king would not give up even at the boat, took forever to get it in the last 50 feet. WE were just south of Stony in 50-65 FOW. Marked a ton of fish, while everyone was hot on the mirage fly, we did well on green e chips on divers out 150feet with.....SIGGS Green Dolphin, fish would not touch it on SAT but today it took 2 and lost one. A hammer 55 feet on a down rigger down with a big paddle took the other while I was setting lines. I will not mention a certain someone on the lake was as green as the fly we were using?????? He toughed it out though on the floor!!! We came in early due to waves, big waves, and did 3 for 4. With no bags we went from 4 MPH to .5 MPH!!!!!!
  23. http://www.glerl.noaa.gov/res/glcfs/
  24. I have ran spinners all summer, even replaced them onto a rig that has been firing and NOTHING. Put the echip back on and bam. Just like the other day, I could not buy a bite on white but green was firing while everything else was hammering them on white
  25. I am using 25LB Pink ANDE as my main line and tie whatever leader needed. No problems at all with fleas.
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