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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:





Time on Water:5hrs


Wind Speed/Direction:N-NW 10?

Waves: 2-4' some bigger

Surface Temp:

Location:I Bay





Total Hits:19

Total Boated:15

Species Breakdown:1 Steelhead, the rest were browns

Hot Lure: Gold/White Rapala

Trolling Speed:2.0-2.5

Down Speed:

Boat Depth: 10'

Lure Depth: Surface




We launched right around sunrise and headed East out of the bay. We headed right for our marks from Friday night and setup just in time to run over the first one. It was only a 5 minute ride but one of our guests was chumming before I could get all the lines in the water. It must have worked because before I could get the 4th planer line out I was handing him the first rod I set out. He managed to stand up long enough to land a beautiful 9-10lb brown. Great way to start the morning! He forced a smile for the camera and went back to hanging over the side of the boat. We decided to prospect further East rather than circle on our marks and we ended up finding a stretch that was hot. We worked the edge of some brown water in 7-10' FOW and ended up fishing that stretch the rest of the day. It took til 9:30 before I had a chance to get all the lines in the water. We had a steady pick of cookie cutters in the 18-24" range with the occasional fish being better. We ended with 3 fish in the 7-10lb range and a couple in the 5lb range in the boat for our guests to take home. We ran a variety of stickbaits off the boards, 2 per side 120' and 100' back and two off the riggers down 3-5' and back 75-100'. Riggers never fired but that was probably because I didn't loosen the Black's releases from last fall. When pulling up I had to handline in both of my rigger lines because a 3-4lb brown had hit the dirty white boy and proceeded to twist the two rigger lines up all the way back to the boat. He was actually in good shape and I was able to release him quickly and he swam away strong. I said that the gold/white rapala was the hot lure above, but it really didn't matter. We had fish hit everything from the gold/white, gold/black, firetiger, solid orange, chartruese/orange, dirty white boy spoon, etc. I think we had more hits on the broken backs than we did the solid bodies but that is about the only thing that was evident.

The seasick guy was a trooper, he never complained out loud and even offered up a joke from time to time. We eventually dropped him off on the breakwall at Hedges for a while so he could take a break. When we went to pick him up, he put his foot on a ledge on the breakwall and as luck would have it, it acted as the bumper between the boat and the wall. Good news is the crunching noise was the trim strip on the bow hitting the wall...bad news is he reported this morning that he has a hairline fracture. The foot pain took his mind off the seasickness for a minute but he was back at it before we could get him back to the bay. He still didn't complain and is looking forward to eating some dramamine and coming out again.

At the end we met Mortigan on the docks...it's always great to meet other LOU guys out there. I would have never considered trolling the bay for browns....you learn something new everyday! I know they go through there but I wouldn't have tried it. Kudos for making it happen when it was too rough on the big lake :clap:

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