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Which camera is the best for under water at the downriggers

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Wanting to buy a camera that i can mount with my downriggers , to get some pictures/movie at the depth i am fishing at . any infor on which one is the best and where to buy would be great. 

would like one that uses a card and not a cable to the surface .


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I'm in the process of setting up the same thing. The GoPro HD Hero 3 has shown some good rigger footage but the unit it really chunky and seems like it would create a ton of drag. It's also expensive and there is a company that makes a housing for it (trollpro) and I think that's like $140 too. So figure you might me in at least $350 with the camera.

There is good rigger footage (I'd say on-par with the GoPro Hero3) from the Contour Roam camera. Reviews say the first version has identical video capture as the newer Roam2. The Roam is only like $110 from Amazon and the waterproof case is like $30. It's a much slimmer profile so I'm figuring less drag. You'd just have to fashion your own rigger mount to your ball/cable.

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I bought a GoPro Hero 3 but haven't hooked it up yet.  It's staying above the water because I'm sure I'd just get disgusted on how many fish looked then turned away.

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