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Pretty awful fishing for us this weekend. Same story as most people regarding the kings. Saturday - started in 80 feet and headed NW. Hit 350 feet and headed back south. When we hit 320 FOW the 105 rigger started screaming with a glow spoon. That was our only king of the weekend, and she was a decent 20lber. Not much happened after that and headed back in pretty early. Sunday - Started again in close at about 70 feet and pointed NW. Didnt move a rod, and decided that we would rather go out deep and have some steelhead action rather than try all day for one king. Hit 400+ and had an awesome screen from 60-80 feet down. Put the riggers in that range and had a good steelie bite as long as we stayed out there. Gotta love the acrobatics they pull when they hit. Other that steelies it was real hard fishing. Will be back up next weekend, hopefully can find a few more kings then. 

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