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A couple buddy's and i are talking about possibly trying to run offshore this weekend if the weather cooperates. Any tips on what to do or look for would be awsome as I have never done this before. What's the best way to run decoys, type of birds to possibly get into ( really want an Eider!!) even though I no its not realistic. Really just want to try an get away from the crowds and try something different! Any info would be awsome Thanks!

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Depending on where you launch from the mudline is usually the key to oldsquaws and scoters. A string of 12-15 run 25 yards off the back of your boat is all that is needed. They aren't the brightest birds---I wear my orange Mustang and occasionally have to "duck". 😄

Good luck on the eider---although one or two are killed in Niagara every other year or so you are about 250 miles too far west. Bluebills, goldeneyes and cans are usually too smart to fall for the "string of ducks behind the fishing boat" trick.

Good luck and remember to wear your pfd.

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