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MooseKnuckle VI

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Brand new to ice fishing. I'm doing some homework on gear. Planning to spend some time on Chaumont Bay, Black River bay and maybe Black Lake and Butterfield Lake. Not trying to spend a ton of $, but I want to be fairly comfortable. 


For shacks I'm looking at the Clam LegendXL, the Nanook and the Shappell Bay Runner. I'd like to get something suitable for 2 people so when my daughter gets older she can come along. Would be nice to be able to cram a second guy in there too if it's real cold. I really like the Bay Runner with the hard floor and shelf. Is thermal fabric really necessary? I have a big buddy heater and I'd think that'd keep a regular shelter warm enough to not be miserable. Whatever shelter I get I'll be pulling it with my Sportsman.


Does anyone have a Bay Runner? Pros/Cons? I really like the idea and design of it, only thing I see is the doors in the floor might pop open while being pulled and it's not a thermal. Otherwise looks pretty slick for one guy and a little kid, possibly a second guy but it'd probably be real tight. Seems to have plenty of room for gear, beer and food for one guy at least. I have some old downhill skis I'd think about mounting underneath of it as well. 


Also thinking about the Eskimo Mako gas auger. Are these any good? It got a lot of good reviews and it's not terribly expensive. 


Any opinions on the Lowrance elite 4x ice machine? 

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Get the frabill trekker thermal. Two man flip over. I have the non thermal version and wish I had thermal. The coating wears off the inside and the fabric gets weak, plus it has a ton of condensation dripping off the ceiling while running the heater.

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