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Wait for some rain to soften the ground. If you spread some winter wheat seed on top mid, late August , you wouldn't be sorry. That is the first to green up in the spring. Good milk for the babies. Deer have almost nothing to come back to eat in a fall hunting only plot. Plant things they've tasted before. I've done many in the day & I'm a farmer. $1000 food plots to watch them chew on month old corn stubble. Dig some up after the 3rd frost to get them the flavor also, that helps.

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If you are all tilled up, throw some oats and soybeans into the mix also. This late in the year they will both stay green until the 1st killing frost. They also are quick growers to help shade out some of the weeds and the deer love them. How big are you going? I ask cause I always did the turnips/brassica in 4 foot wide strips to allow mowing of weeds that grow into the wheat clover mix. A bonus, if you wait for the 1st mow next year when the wheat is ripe & golden, you just spread all new seeds. Have fun & don't get discouraged. The deer will find it. All mine are just to keep them on the property. I feel bad pulling out of the field with the combine knowing I took away supper for the winter.

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