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Niagara County

niagara News and Updates

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News and Updates

The Buffalo News provides photos and details about a number of outdoor related topics in this week's edition. See details below.

The Buffalo News Reports on Blue Pike

Bill Hilts Jr. provides an overview of the blue pike’s presence (or lack thereof) in this article from The Buffalo News called “Why the coveted blue pike disappeared from our waters.” According to the article, “Blue pike once were considered the most popular fish in Western New York. They could be caught seemingly at will in Lake Erie, the Niagara River and Lake Ontario with the best places being in the Eastern Basin of Lake Erie and on the Niagara Bar off Fort Niagara in Lake Ontario. While scientists have confirmed that the DNA samples on record were virtually identical to that of walleye, old time anglers will argue that point until the cows come home. Blue pike were different and they were the best eating fish ever.” Click here to see more!

“The Fishing Beat: Cooling Temps Could Spark a Run” from The Buffalo News

Bill Hilts Jr. discusses the impact of the recent heat wave in this article from The Buffalo News. According to the article, “A record wave of heat slammed into Western New York waters and warmed things up a bit for a couple of weeks. While it may have impacted salmon returns off Lake Ontario a bit, it hasn’t done anything to affect the excellent fishing on Lake Erie. The tributaries, well that’s another story. We need a cool rain and some cooler temperatures. They may be coming.”

Click here to see the full article!

“Scattershots” from The Buffalo News

Bill Hilts Jr. provides details about several outdoor-related events in this week’s “Scattershots” from The Buffalo News. Included are details about a series of seminars about fall fishing as well as steelhead fly fishing.  Click here to see!


Outdoors Calendar from The Buffalo News

The Buffalo News provides details about a number of upcoming events in this edition of the Outdoors Calendar. Included is information about the final day of lake trout season on Lake Ontario and other events between now and October 19th. Click here to see!


Catches of the Week from The Buffalo News

The Buffalo News provides photos and stories of several of this week’s catches. Included is a steelhead and king salmon caught out of Olcott, a Lake Ontario salmon, and more! Click here to see!

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