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Sorry for the late report, went straight from the lake to the cottage on Friday.

Fish were much bigger than the day before.  Finished the day 7 for 11.  19.5lbs, 17lbs, and 16.5lbs were my biggest. Spent our time in 100-150fow down 40-60.  had quite a few knockoffs too. 

One got away that must have been big, snapped the atommik leader right at the hook with one hard quick headshake.

Managed to get quite a few strikes on video again this trip... including some underwater shots on the water wolf! I still need to tweak the setup a bit (shorten the leader a few feet) but I managed to capture quite a few follows, a missed hit, and a successful catch on the water wolf.  I found some some water inside the housing at the end of the day.  This was my first time ever with the camera, and I was pretty careful with the seals when closing it up.  It's still fully functional, not a lot of water penetrated, but I wasn't happy.  upon close inspection there was some type of residue from a glue or sticker inside the housing where the seals go that might have messed up it's watertightness. It came this way from the factory in a sealed box. I've cleaned it with isopropyl, and we'll see what happens on the next trip.  If it leaks again it's going back, I've heard they're good at supporting them though.


Video took me quite awhile to edit... but I'm starting to get a bit more of a workflow down.
You'll see how much trouble one of the salmon gave us. took a run up beside then under the boat.  chaos.... you'll see.









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