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new, in a canoe, wishin the water was blue

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This web site is a great resource. I am interested in buying a used powerboat. I have looked for bass boats like Bullet and Skeeter, larger boats as big as Lund Baron. However, I may start with a little FishSkiff because I have a Honda 5hp outboard. FishSkiff would probably be brand new.  I am near the tidal Potomac river. Near the Dyke Marsh area there are bass, catfish, carp and other.  I've seen gar rolling around together. I've heard people have caught sharks by the Wilson bridge.  I saw one BIG fish (3' long 1' high) in shallow water, sort of shaped like a carp, but no big scales, don't know what kind it was.  Potomac is about a mile wide where I'm at and it gets wider the farther south you go.   Potomac is a dirty river.  So much plastic comes out from DC.  Maybe it starts farther upriver, but I doubt it. The water has had at best about 1' visibility all spring, summer, & fall.  I used to canoe in moving water above DC and after big rains, when the water levels would fall, there would be up to a foot of manure all over the put-in area; cow, pig, or chicken poop I suppose. I want to migrate north! 

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