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Weather was beautiful for the FMZ20 bass opener! Great to see with the weather that we've been having that a lot of the Smallies have done there thing already. Obviously there are still some bedding fish, but I do believe that most of them are done. They must still be in a bit in a bit of a post spawn funk as we were unable to catch anything of note on a horizontal presentation, one day the drop shot was the deal and the next day it was the Ned rig. It was a blast and we look forward to getting back out again soon.

2020 SM-Lake O-200620-008.jpg

2020 SM-Lake O-200620-021.jpg

2020 SM-Lake O-200621-014.jpg

2020 SM-Lake O-200621-053.jpg

2020 SM-Lake O-200621-114.jpg

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