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  1. Great offer from Navionics! Remember that your new card or renewed subscription with include the best of Navionics and Garmin data! If your card is not yet expired, you can still take advantage of this offer, your new 12 months will start when your current subscription expires.
  2. No ice is 100% safe! Condolences to his family & loved ones!
  3. Okay, post up and I’ll try to talk you through the process! Also if you can turn on your unit and select “Fishing Map” and check out the details on the map!
  4. You can just buy a chip and plug it in! But do you have an older chip or just the maps built-in the unit?
  5. Looks like everyone is finally getting out on the ice! Got out for perch and caught lots but mostly dinks, kept about 20 nice eaters!
  6. Hey FishStix, the Navionics chips are not compatible with Garmin units! You can get one of the new Garmin LakeVu g3 chip and if you upgrade with your old chip you will get 50% off the new chip. It should be available at the end of Feb. The new Garmin LakeVu g3 same as the new Navionics cards incorporate the best of both Navionics & Garmin data! Make sure that your Garmin unit is updated to the software version!
  7. FishStix, first of all, do you have it on the Fishing Map view because that's where you get the 1 foot contours. Also, the new Garmin LakeVu g3 chip incorporates both Navionics & Garmin data so it should be pretty accurate.
  8. The new Garmin LakeVü g3 chip incorporates the best of Navionics & Garmin data so it should be very accurate. I didn't look at the Finger Lakes area but I did compare the lakes up here like Lake Simcoe and they looked awesome! 1 foot contours and of course you can shade up to 10 different depth ranges! I'm excited about using this chip this upcoming season.
  9. Had a chance to attend this show last weekend for the first time. I thought that is was a nice little show with lots of seminars, like I mean lots of seminars! Just curious if anyone else attended and what they thought of it!
  10. Nice, Bay of Quinte is definitely a world class walleye fishery!
  11. Absolutely, there are numerous current areas on this body of water which is essentially a big river that comes off lake Ontario! I'll wait!!!
  12. Even further north on Lake Simcoe, there probably won't be safe ice for a couple of weeks. There is some ice on the Bay of Quinte but it is far from safe! A couple of fellas went through and were lucky that there were some passersby that managed to save them along with Firefighters & Paramedics! IF IN DOUBT, DON'T GO OUT! https://www.napaneetoday.ca/rss/belleville-firefighters-pull-two-men-from-freezing-waters/
  13. A lot of folks are heading out onto the Bay of Quinte! I think that I'll wait just a bit longer!
  14. It's been far too long in coming and hopefully it does happen, they need to be controlled somehow! The negative impact that they have on our bodies of water and fisheries is unbelievable!
  15. Hard to get too excited about ice fishing as I'm still in Florida for another week! But once I'm back we'll be at the Canadian Ice Fishing Expo in Barrie and fingers will be crossed for low winds, low temps and minimal snow!
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