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  1. FishHardDave

    I Pad

    If you don't want to use your iPhone as a hot spot you buy a separate GPS receiver for a Wi-Fi only iPad. Garmin also makes one called a GLO!
  2. FishHardDave

    I Pad

    Yes, you can also use a device like Bad Elf which is a Bluetooth GPS receiver as well!
  3. FishHardDave

    I Pad

    If you buy a Wi-Fi only i-Pad then you have no GPS capability built-in. In order to get GPS capability on it, you would have to create a hotspot with your iPhone and then access the GPS capability thru it. That's how I access the GPS and Navionics app on my i-Pad! By the way, if you haven't seen the new feature on the Navionics app, the Fishing Depths Shading, it's awesome!
  4. FishHardDave

    just got back

    Yes, I had pre-fish it earlier and couldn't get anything really over 4 lbs. Not that a 4 lber. is not a nice fish but tough to compete with the Smallie
  5. FishHardDave

    just got back

    Did you get any big "Buckets"?
  6. FishHardDave

    Tie down those boats!

    All I can say is WOW!
  7. If anyone is curious about the bass fishing in eastern Lake Ontario or the St. Lawrence River, go look at the results of last weekend's Thousand Islands Open held out of Kingston! http://www.renegadebass.com/data/results/2018Results/2018 - Thousand Island Open.pdf Insane weights, looks like the bass fishing is better than it ever has been!
  8. FishHardDave

    Weather Forecast

    You can look at as many as you'd like, all I know is that chances are pretty good that they're going to be wrong! LOL
  9. FishHardDave

    Which Mapping Chip do you use for Eastern Lake Ontario

    If it is a Navionics+ Regions card, on your HDS unit, you should be able to go to "Chart Options", select "View" and then select "Fish'N'Chip! As long as your card is updated it should provide you 1-foot contour lines. The Navionics+ card is one that I'm used to, I was just wondering what kind of details and features some of the other cards had. Thanks Todd B.!
  10. FishHardDave

    Which Mapping Chip do you use for Eastern Lake Ontario

    Thanks Todd! Great to hear from someone who is running 3 different mapping options! I assume that you have the SonarCharts on the Navionics card turned on? Thanks for the input!
  11. What mapping chips are people using in eastern Lake Ontario? Pros & Cons of each?
  12. FishHardDave

    Where are the smallmouth bass?

    This year has been very different but if this is a trend that you're noticing over several years, I would look at the combination of Gobies predating on Smallmouth nests along with the growing Cormorant population! Cormorants can eat up to a pound of fish every day and Smaller Smallmouth makes up a large percentage of this.
  13. FishHardDave

    Prop damage!

    Yeah, possible bent prop shaft which could cause your lower unit to go! Best to get it checked out!
  14. FishHardDave

    Northern King Lures are back .

    Used many NK's when I salmon fished on Lake Ontario back in the day! Still, own a fair number of them. Thompson-Pallister Bait Co. Ltd. is a quality company that I'm sure does a great job keeping them as close to the originals as possible.