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  1. Best value in fishing/boating out there! Your app is sharable across all your device as well so if you have a tablet, you can do a lot of planning at home! And it works across different platforms as well e.g. if you have a Samsung Android phone and an Apple i-Pad.
  2. Weather was beautiful for the FMZ20 bass opener! Great to see with the weather that we've been having that a lot of the Smallies have done there thing already. Obviously there are still some bedding fish, but I do believe that most of them are done. They must still be in a bit in a bit of a post spawn funk as we were unable to catch anything of note on a horizontal presentation, one day the drop shot was the deal and the next day it was the Ned rig. It was a blast and we look forward to getting back out again soon.
  3. Nautical Charts SonarCharts SonarCharts with Shaded Fishing Ranges SonarCharts Shading with Satellite Imagery Relief Shading Hope that this helps!
  4. Hey you River Rats who know the St. Lawrence River real well. What are thoughts on the new layer, Hi-Res Relief Shading from Navionics. They're available from the Garmin g3 Ultra charts as well! For full details - https://bit.ly/3d9JMhc
  5. Navionics has just released some updated SonarChart Shading with Satellite Imaging which features more off shore coverage and enhanced satellite imagery. They've also released a layer, Hi-Res Relief Shading for the Navionics Boating, Platinum+ & HotMaps Platinum charts. This new layer is amazing but current only has the St. Lawrence River up this way, I'm sure more is to come. In these images, you see the Nautical Chart, SonarCharts, SonarCharts with colored fishing ranges, SonarChartShading and finally the latest & greatest Hi-Res Relief Shading of the same area on the St. Lawrence River. You do need a current subscription on your Boating App to access this layer. You can visit the Navionics site for full details - https://bit.ly/3d9JMhc Which view do you prefer? #HiResReliefShading #SonarChartsShading #NavionicsBoatingApp #NavionicsPro
  6. Up here, we've been told that the border currently is closed both on land and on the water but on Lakes Erie & St. Clair many are still crossing to take advantage of the early bass season state-side. some have been turned back but many have not encountered any issues. Still don't think that it is worth because at some point they will make an example of someone!
  7. Up here, we've been told the border is closed both on land and on the water! There are plenty of Canadian anglers who have venture into NY waters on Lake Erie to take advantage of the open early bass season there! Some have been escorted back but many have not, so I think it's kinda luck of the draw. Still not worth it in my mind, there are plenty of fish on both sides of the border, although my NY license is pretty much a waste right now LOL!
  8. Totally agree! I've been opposed to early season events held on Lake Ontario, the St. Lawrence and Lake St. Francis for quite a while now! Trust me there are tournament anglers who care!
  9. It really depends on what type of fishing that you're doing, I have had both PanOptix & PanOptix LiveScope on my Skeeters and have used it on the ice as well. The real-time scanning is awesome and the imagery on the LiveScope can be mind blowing at time. It is a great tool to locate fish and see what kind of mood that they are in. Lots of positives as for negatives, I think that you have to justify in your mind if it's worth the money for you because they're not cheap. The other problem that I can see is when people become too fixated on watching it much like some people do with an underwater camera and not fishing enough! LOL
  10. According to the authorities up the border is currently closed both on land and on the water! On Lakes Erie & St. Clair, Canadians have been crossing over into the US to take advantage of the open bass season that is there. This past weekend, I had friends who were escorted back to the border by the US Border Patrol. The US Border Patrol officers were very nice about the whole thing but if it keeps happening, that might change!
  11. WOW, if you have a current Navionics Boating app subscription, you want to update the app and check out the awesome NEW feature available for your mobile devices at no additional cost.You now have a multiple chart-overlay option that features Navionics Satellite Overlay with SonarChart Shading. See below images off my iPhone of different areas of Lake Ontario & the St. Lawrence Rive! Sonar Charts Shading was previously only available on Navionics Platinum+ & HotMaps Platinum cards! Another great reason to keep your subscription current! Check it out here - https://bit.ly/2KafK15
  12. The Smallmouth Bass fishing in the Bateau Channel is not fantastic, so you'll need to venture out into the main river for success! Lots of great guides out that way! Best of luck!
  13. Great offer from Navionics! Remember that your new card or renewed subscription with include the best of Navionics and Garmin data! If your card is not yet expired, you can still take advantage of this offer, your new 12 months will start when your current subscription expires.
  14. No ice is 100% safe! Condolences to his family & loved ones!
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