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  1. His only option is the Garmin U.S. LakeVü HD Ultra Chip!
  2. FishHardDave

    Great fishing?

    Great suggestions, there's always a learning curve. I don't have much experience on eastern Lake Ontario for salmon but the bass fishing is amazing. My experiences salmon & trout fishing is limited to the western end of the lake but the same techniques can be adapted for the eastern end. Best of luck!
  3. Nice feature for the site! Great job!
  4. FishHardDave

    New PB Smallie

    Actually, the tagged fish that I have caught were all tagged by Dr. Bruce Tufts and his Queens University lab and they were all fizzed! They are amongst the world's foremost expert on Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River Smallmouth, check out some of their videos and studies-very interesting stuff-https://www.facebook.com/fisheriesqu/ I'm not saying that there is no mortality in these tournaments but educating anglers whether in tournaments or not will definitely reduce the losses!
  5. FishHardDave

    New PB Smallie

    In tournaments, safety & fish care should always be priorities! As far as I'm aware virtually all bass tournaments on the Canadian side are catch & release! Fizzing does work as I've caught numerous released fish that were tagged!
  6. FishHardDave

    Colors depht shading available on Navionics app

    Been loving this feature on the Navionics Boating App to plan my pre-fishes! It has been invaluable and saves me so much time! There are structures that just jump out at you when looking at the Navionics mapping with this fishing depth shading! You must make sure that your Navionics+ is up to date in order for this to work!
  7. FishHardDave

    Best map chip

    Wallyandre is correct! A Navionics+ Regions card(2G card) should work in that unit!
  8. FishHardDave

    Fishfinder advise

    All manufacturers have their positive features, I made the switch to Garmin last year and couldn't be happier especially now that they've bought Navionics. Looking forward to the changes in the LakeVu chip.
  9. FishHardDave

    New PB Smallie

    Congrats on the PB! Beautiful fish! Great catch & release!
  10. FishHardDave

    Proud Pop

    That's truly awesome camper4lyfe! get'em hooked while they're young! Great pic!
  11. Anybody planning on attending the weigh-in with KVD & the other Elite anglers? Anybody marshalling for this event, great way to spend a day or 2 with some of the best bass anglers in the world!
  12. FishHardDave

    Charter Capt Does All The Fishing?

    Most of the charter captains are pretty meticulous about their set-ups & equipment and unless they really know you, I can understand why they do things that way. I think the best thing to do is to have a conversation beforehand and maybe he'll allow you to do some simple stuff and maybe you can gain his trust.
  13. FishHardDave

    I Pad

    If you don't want to use your iPhone as a hot spot you buy a separate GPS receiver for a Wi-Fi only iPad. Garmin also makes one called a GLO!
  14. FishHardDave

    I Pad

    Yes, you can also use a device like Bad Elf which is a Bluetooth GPS receiver as well!
  15. FishHardDave

    I Pad

    If you buy a Wi-Fi only i-Pad then you have no GPS capability built-in. In order to get GPS capability on it, you would have to create a hotspot with your iPhone and then access the GPS capability thru it. That's how I access the GPS and Navionics app on my i-Pad! By the way, if you haven't seen the new feature on the Navionics app, the Fishing Depths Shading, it's awesome!